Top Tips for Renting

Know your dates (and times) as clearly as possible before you get your quote. Being vague, or making changes frequently can make it hard for you (or us) to know what the final price will be.

Expect a good vehicle which comes up to all we have promised you. However, don’t be disturbed if it’s not exactly the make or model you expected. Changes happen all the time in rental companies (both to the fleet make-up and to the bookings themselves), and so the precise vehicle you receive may be slightly different to the quote, or even better as a free upgrade.

Check the car/van thoroughly before you go. If you’re not sure about the condition of any part then take photographs to prove how it was when you took control of it. We will ask you to sign a check sheet, so be thorough so that you can be confident that nothing has changed when you return your hire vehicle.

If anything does need to be changed from your original agreement, please let us know as soon as possible, and certainly before any excess protection runs out. Enjoy your hire, but do be aware that your insurance only runs for the times printed in your rental agreement so if you are running late, we need to hear as soon as possible.

If you can keep your rental to within 24 hour periods (our Rental Day) then you will maximise your hire and minimise your costs. For example, collecting at 0800 on Monday morning and returning before 0800 on Tuesday will be half the price of returning at 0900 on Tuesday. Consider making your collection slightly later; in this example 0830 to 0830 might be a good compromise to keep your costs down to one day.

Allow enough time at the office. Even if all your paperwork has been submitted in advance, it isn’t always possible to check out your hire instantly, and you may be in at a busy time of day. Be prepared to wait with a coffee, and we’ll always help you as promptly as we can.

Take real care when parking your hire vehicle. Don’t park so close to the kerb that the wheels are at risk of touching it; alloys in particular are expensive to repair or replace! Also try to avoid places where trolleys or bikes might scratch the paintwork. Accidents happen, but they happen more frequently in the middle of lots of activity. Don’t’ be afraid to ask for assistance when parking a strange vehicle, particularly a van, as these definitely won’t fit in the same spaces you’re used to parking in.

Explain exactly what you are doing with the vehicle. This allows us to advise you about the best one for your requirements and means that we can often save you money by advising you of better ways of managing your hire. If we don’t know that you are driving to Scotland we might recommend a vehicle which isn’t big, powerful or economical enough but would be great for local shopping trips!

Bring the right ID. For every hirer we need to see:

  1. both parts of the driving licence (card and paper parts)
  2. additional photo ID like your passport or work security card
  3. additional proof of address (a recent utility bill or bank statement)

Licences can change by the moment, so we need to see this because we need to prove your eligibility to drive every time you hire. If you are a regular hirer, then further proof of your identification isn’t necessary if we are seeing you within 3 months of your last hire and there have been no changes.

If you do have to park in a tight spot, photograph your vehicle with the vehicles on either side (including their registrations). IF you return to find door dents or scrapes on the side of your hire car, at least you have a good start towards proving who is responsible.