White Van Hire


Short-wheel base vans fit in pretty much everything household furniture sized, but not all at once. This is the minimum size you could use for a sofa, a bed, standing fridge-freezer, or dresser, but with some clever packing people have moved house with these. Great for group luggage (various youth groups hire these for their camping gear each year) and for transporting smaller vehicles like bikes, mopeds or motorbikes. We even have people hire these to store furniture in whilst their home is being decorated.

Vehicle Information

  • Potential Models: Relay, Transit, Ducato
  • People Space: 3 seats in the front row.
  • External Sizes: 4.8m front to back, 1.8 wide and 1.9 high (approximately depending on exact model and subject to load and tyre pressure)
  • Internal Load Sizes: 2.25m front to back, 1.65 wide and 1.3 high (approximately depending on model)
  • Doors: 5 (driver and passenger, one sliding side door and double rear doors)
  • Mileage limitation: 250 miles per day
  • Minimum Age for driving: 21
  • Deposit: £250
Group Description 1-3 weekdays per day 4-6 days per day 7-28 days per day Saturday or Sunday Weekend Rate (Sat-Mon same time)
V2 Short wheel base van like a Transit or Vito £63.99 £45.00 £37.14 £75.00 £130.00