Luxury Car Rental for Waterlooville

Often used for prom nights, weddings and indulgent weekends away, the vehicles in this group look, drive and feel so much more than simply a car. Easy to set up to exactly your style and requirements, these have the power, torque and electronics to be as engaging or relaxing as you choose on the road. In fact, the only danger with these cars is that you won’t want to stop driving when you get to your destination.

Luxury Car Hire Vehicle Information

  • Potential Models: Mercedes E Class, Jaguar XFR
  • People Space: 5 seats with plenty of space to luxuriously drape yourself in comfort
  • Luggage Space: Plenty for most purposes, but don’t hire these vehicles for moving house or tip-runs! Clever things like boots which open from the key fob mean that really only your butler needs to be concerned with the luggage space anyway!
  • Seats: 5
  • Doors: 4
  • Features: Everything available to vehicle manufacturers
  • Transmission: Auto with Sports Override options
  • Mileage limitation: 250 miles per day
  • Minimum Age for driving: 25
  • Deposit: £500

Waterlooville Luxury Car Rental Pricing Guide

Group Sub Group Description 1-3 days 4-6 days 7-28 days Weekend Rate (Fri-Mon same time)
E Group None Executive vehicle like an E Class or XJR £89.99 £89.99 £67.14 £229.99