Large van hire for Waterlooville

Large Van Hire Waterlooville

Need to rent a large van in the Portsmouth and Waterlooville area? These are serious vehicles for space and strength so Long-Wheel based vans are regularly used for large DIY jobs or by tradespeople to transport equipment and supplies. These are large enough to fit whole kitchens (including the sink), but manoeuvrable enough to fit into normal driveways with care. This is the largest van size that you can drive with a standard B-category licence. These do overhang a standard parking space, and please don’t try them in multi-story car parks. However, the ferries and Eurostar are happy to carry them abroad, so speak to us about taking them to the continent when you have work to do there.

Large Van Rental Vehicle Information

  • Potential Models: Relay, Transit, Ducato
  • People Space: 3 seats in the front row
  • External Sizes: 5.9m front to back, 1.9 wide, 2.6 high(approximately depending on exact model and subject to load and tyre pressure)
  • Internal Load Sizes: 3.6m front to back, 1.55 wide, 1.8 high (approximately depending on model)
  • Doors: 5 (driver and passenger, one sliding side door and double rear doors)
  • Mileage limitation: 250 miles per day
  • Minimum Age for driving: 21
  • Deposit: £250

Waterlooville Large Van Hire Pricing Guide

Group Description 1-3 weekdays per day 4-6 days per day 7-28 days per day Saturday or Sunday Weekend Rate (Sat-Mon same time)
V3 Long wheel base van like a Relay or Sprinter £75.00 £58.00 £50.72 £90.00 £140.00