Waterlooville Family Saloon & Estate Car Hire for Every Occasion

These cars span the whole range of ‘reasons for having a car’ from needing to carry the whole family to the dentist, camping holidays, weddings, easy access for your Dad with his broken knee, to wanting to look like you have a company car when you go to your school reunion from decades ago! Ranging from vehicles with 1.6 to 1.8 litre engines, and just about every configuration of chassis transmission and fuel, in this group of vehicles there will be a car for any and every occasion you have, and you can choose again for the next, different occasion.

Saloon & Estate Vehicle Information

  • Potential Models: Golf, Focus, i30 (C Group), Passat, Mondeo or i40 (D group)
  • People Space: Ranging from comfortable for 4 to palatial for 5. Ask for our advice if you’re not sure what would work best for you.
  • Luggage Space: ranging from decent hotel holiday luggage space to fitting in a full week of camping equipment and food for the whole family (with the large estates)
  • Seats: 5
  • Doors: 5
  • Features: Air Conditioning, Electric windows, Bluetooth, Sat Nav (some models), Cruise Control (some models) Split folding rear seats to enlarge boot area
  • Transmission: Manual / Automatic
  • Mileage limitation: 250 miles per day
  • Minimum Age for driving: 21
  • Deposit: £250

Waterlooville Saloon & Estate Car Rental Pricing Guide

GroupSub GroupDescription1-3 days4-6 days7-28 daysWeekend Rate (Fri-Mon same time)
C GroupM1.6l such as a Golf, Focus or i30 MANUAL£39.99£32.00£21.43£74.99
A1.6l such as a Golf, Focus or i30 AUTOMATIC£39.99£32.00£21.43£74.99
E1.6l such as a Golf, Focus or i30 ESTATE£45.99£34.00£22.86£79.99
D GroupM1.8l such as a Passat, Mondeo or i40 MANUAL£48.99£38.00£28.57£89.99
A1.8l such as a Passat, Mondeo or i40 AUTOMATIC£48.99£38.00£28.57£89.99
E1.8l such as a Passat, Mondeo or i40 ESTATE£54.99£46.50£34.29£119.99