Car & Van Hire at Collison Vehicle Rental Waterlooville

From our convenient location in Waterlooville near Portsmouth in Hampshire, Collison Vehicle Rental have a comprehensive range of car hire and van hire vehicles chosen to suit a multitude of occasions. Whatever you need, we will have it! Click your required vehicle hire type below to find out more…

Economic Run Around Car Hire

If you simply need a vehicle to get your children smoothly to their clubs and then you to the supermarket while they’re busy, this is the vehicle group for you. Small (so easy to find a parking space), nippy and powered by no more than a 1.2 litre engine this will be an economical, comfortable, and practical around-town option which is also the cheapest hire package we’ve come across.

Small Car Hire

These cars are slightly more meaty than their smaller counterparts, offering a bit more power and a little more ‘give’. Again, ideal for shorter journeys, these will take on the open road quite comfortably too, but won’t cause you any aggravation in car parks or tight spots. With up to a 1.4 litre engine, and options on transmission and fuel type, these vehicles are everything that an individual or couple need for day-to-day traveling, and will manage to fit up to four children or young people perfectly. We’ll leave managing the children up to you though!

Fun Car Hire

This is an amazing type of vehicle for getting some fun back into your journeys. At the moment our sporty model is a MINI Cooper S convertible which drives excessively well, sounds fantastic, is as nippy as a puppy(?!), but gives you the feel of the road, and a sense of that genuine Mini exuberance. With the highest specification trim, and an obsession about owning tight spaces, this vehicle would be the highlight of your weekend away, or the car to win back the respect of your teenagers.

Saloon & Estate Car Hire for Any Ocassion

These cars span the whole range of ‘reasons for having a car’ from needing to carry the whole family to the dentist, camping holidays, weddings, easy access for your Dad with his broken knee, to wanting to look like you have a company car when you go to your school reunion from decades ago! Ranging from vehicles with 1.6 to 1.8 litre engines, and just about every configuration of chassis transmission and fuel, in this group of vehicles there will be a car for any and every occasion you have, and you can choose again for the next, different occasion.

Luxury Car Hire for Special Occasions

Often used for prom nights, weddings and indulgent weekends away, the vehicles in this group look, drive and feel so much more than simply a car. Easy to set up to exactly your style and requirements, these have the power, torque and electronics to be as engaging or relaxing as you choose on the road. In fact, the only danger with these cars is that you won’t want to stop driving when you get to your destination.

People Carrier Hire for Extra Passengers

Gone are the days when the entire rugby team would cram into a Cortina to get to the game, and there are definitely times when only additional seats will do. In our multi-seat options we offer 7 and 9 seaters, along with the potential for 17 seats if you really are transporting a whole rugby team (subject to insurance criteria)!

4×4 Car Hire

There are times in life when only something rugged and hardy will do, and we have the vehicles to make those times work. Tell us your requirements, and we will find a 4×4 which meets the specification whether it’s for an outdoor adventure weekend, a visit to a remote area, or simply to get your boat out of the water.

Small Work Van Hire

These vans are fantastic for everything a car can’t quite fit. Use them to carry bikes, to take garden waste to the tip, to pick up small furniture or even deliver your son or daughter to uni. Based on a car sized shell, but with fully boarded out back these have sliding side doors and double rear doors just like the meatier vans, but drive as economically as a car and park in a standard space.

Large Work Van Hire

These are serious vehicles for both space and strength, so Long-Wheel based vans are regularly used for large D.I.Y. jobs or by tradespeople to transport equipment and supplies. These are large enough to fit whole kitchens (including the sink), but manoeuverable enough to fit into normal driveways with care. This is the largest van size that you can drive with a standard B-category licence.   These do overhang a standard parking space, and please don’t try using them in multi-storey car parks. However, the ferries and Eurostar are happy to carry them abroad, so talk to us about taking them to the continent when you have work to do there.

Exta Large Van Hire for Deliveries & Moves

These are as big as it gets before you need a special test to drive them. This group is for vehicles which are Extra-Long Wheel Base or Luton sized, so they just tip over the 3500 weight category. They do however have loads of space, and, as with all our vehicles, are modern and as economical as vehicles of this size can be. All our Lutons have electric tail-lifts, and all our ELWB vans are high-top with the low-load floor level for ease of use. These are great vans for house moves, office moves, exhibitions or serious gift deliveries like gym equipment!