European travel ready vehicles

Changes in EU legislation mean that taking a vehicle abroad can be a bit of a minefield. The latest updates can usually be found on sites such as the AA’s or RAC’s if you’re keen to take your own car. However, if you have any doubts, let us do the research for you, whilst you take a new, reliable, economical vehicle from us to your holiday or second home location in Europe.

Unlike most hire companies, at Collison’s both cars and vans can be insured to go abroad. This means that whether you’re refitting a kitchen, going for a family camping holiday or just nipping to Paris for a romantic weekend, we have a vehicle which will make the journeying effortless.

At Collison’s we provide you with a ‘continental kit’ which contains all those items you might not normally carry, but it would be illegal not to have in various EU states. It might be second nature to always take a complete set of spare bulbs, florescent jackets for all passengers and the vehicle registration documents if you constantly drive in Austria for example. Regardless, we make sure you are equipped with the full kit for the nations you will be travelling through, whether or not you are familiar with the local laws.

Our vehicles always come insured and with road fund tax and breakdown cover. However, we ensure this continues beyond the UK and also provide you with a VE103B which acts as an essential temporary log-book for you to carry with you abroad.

Every EU country can impose fines if their prescribed items aren’t available when you are stopped, and often foreign vehicles are an easy target for police. We promise that when you take a vehicle from Collison Vehicle Rental abroad, everything you could need to show or prove will be in place.

All this provision can take a few days, and so we do need to know if you are taking one of our vehicles out of the country. Our record turn-around is 2 hours, but that’s pushing it! Phone, email or pop in to talk over where you are going (with as much notice as possible) and we will quote and arrange everything, including locking down a precise vehicle so that you can give the exact registration to the ferry company or Eurostar. Let Collison Vehicle Rental take any worry out of your next trip abroad, so that you can travel safely, legally, reliably and affordably there and back, making the most of your time and money.

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