Winter Car Rental Driving Tips Straight from the Experts

ExpertsCome rain or shine, our vehicle rental services provide the affordable and efficient solutions drivers throughout the UK need to get from A to B, and even to C and D. Whether you are looking to rent a car for an upcoming winter break, need a reliable run around to complete all those festive visits to nearby family and friends, or want to treat your business to the gift of a great looking rental car this season, we can help.

Whilst our rental procedure doesn’t differ from season to season, there are a number of top driving tips you can call upon to make winter vehicle rental work for you. Our experts share their advice right here so you can enjoy your rental vehicle in winter and beyond.

1. Always plan ahead

When driving any vehicle during the winter months, whether it’s one of our stunning hires or your own set of wheels, planning your route rather than winging the journey is important. The adverse weather conditions that go hand-in-hand with the season make taking on longer journeys more difficult without the right preparation. When taking your winter rental out for a spin, make sure you check the weather forecast before you leave and plan your route accordingly.

2. Make the necessary checks

As part of your pre-journey plans make sure your mobile phone and sat nav have the correct charge, not forgetting to pack in-car chargers for use on the journey. Checks to your tyres are also important to-dos before setting off. All tyres should be fully inflated and meet the minimum tread depth. Check your lights and wipers too, good visibility is essential on winter roads. Make sure your headlights and wipers are in good working order, cleaning any debris from lamp covers and the windscreen before you embark on your journey. If your fuel is running low, make the first stop your nearest petrol station to prevent any delays on-route.

The vehicle’s anti-freeze levels should also be checked prior to taking on winter journeys in your rental. Whilst the majority of modern cars utilise long life anti-freeze that rarely needs to be topped up, checking levels will ensure optimum protection against breakdown due to cooling failures and coolant leaks.

3. Stock up on the essentials

Those travelling to Europe this winter in one of our rentals will love our European travel ready vehicle stock. We provide all you need to take your rental vehicle to nearby Europe, with our continental kit providing all the items required to drive to and through various EU countries legally and safely. Before your journey you should also stock up on some winter specific items. Essentials like ice scrapers, booster cables, a tow rope, warning lights and extra anti-freeze will come in handy if you find yourself stranded on the road in wintry conditions.

Other winter essentials to include in your season specific survival kit include a torch and spare batteries, first aid kit, basic tool kit, extra clothing, blankets, heat pads, and non-perishable food items and water.

4. Take note of these winter driving tips

Learning how to drive in difficult conditions will certainly stand you in good stead for the winter months. Driving on wet and slippery surfaces is after all very different from driving in good conditions. If you are unsure about how to take on more challenging weather conditions, slow down your speed to give yourself time to think and react. Thinking and stopping distances on snow and ice are also much longer. Generally braking distances are doubled in wet conditions, and multiplied 10 more times when driving in snow or on ice. Braking distances are impacted by the speed you are travelling too, meaning the length of seven football pitches is needed to stop when driving the national speed limit on a dual carriageway or motorway in snow.

Learning how to react and recover from a skid is another recommendation for those looking to drive their rental confidently and safely during wintertime. Front wheel skids should be handled by keeping the wheel in the direction of the skid. A rear wheel skid is corrected a little differently by steering into it. Detecting when your vehicle is about to skid and staying calm during its correction is the best way to deal with this common winter driving issue.

5. Hire your rental from the best

We take the hard work out of winter vehicle prep for you by offering a vast range of rental vehicles that are ready to take on everything that winter has to throw at them. Whatever you need to hire one of our vehicles for, you can find the highest quality, best maintained rental stock in town right here.

Browse our selection of rental cars and vans today to get started or contact our team to discuss your requirements.