What Uses are Ideal for a Rental Car?

Cows in the RoadHaving your own vehicle is the most convenient and cost effective way to get from A to B, particularly with the rise (and rise) of public transport costs. However, with the cost of running a car hitting an astonishing £557 per month (that’s £6,689 a year) according to RAC’s Report on Motoring, owning a vehicle may not be possible for everyone.

Utilising a rental car is an excellent and cost efficient alternative but what uses are ideal for a rental car? And what factors do you need to consider when hiring one? As a professional provider of rental vans and cars, we certainly know a thing or two about the benefits that lead many drivers to us, read on to find out more…

Why rent a car?

With thousands of private drivers and commercial organisations calling on us for help each and every year, our clients have used their rentals in a number of ways, some of which may surprise you. Many opt for a short term rental to impress on a special occasion, with weddings, proms, anniversaries, birthdays, school reunions, job interviews and even first dates all providing great excuses for renting a new car.

Renting a vehicle to travel to a holiday destination, either in the UK or a little further afield in Europe is also a reason why many choose to rent. In fact, we offer a number of European travel ready vehicles to our clients, each of which comes equipped with a continental kit, breakdown cover, road fund tax and insurance. For business owners or professionals, hiring a rental vehicle instead of using a personal car can create the right first impression when visiting customers, clients or shareholders.

What to consider when hiring a vehicle

With an extensive range of rental vehicles available, you may find yourself spoilt for choice when selecting a Collison car that works for you, but you can discover an option that not only satisfies your needs but exceeds your expectations by considering various factors. The passenger capacity, parking availability, price, appearance and convenience of the rental car can often make up your mind for you, whilst your comfort and luggage space requirements will also be considered to find the right rental car for you.

The type of driving you undertake may also determine which make and model is most suitable, with distance, frequency of use and road type all considered by our team during the selection process.

If you are in or near Waterlooville, we have the perfect hire car for you. View our range now.