What Size Van Do I Need to Hire for My House Move?

moving house vanHaving the perfect moving house van you need to transport your precious belongings from your old house to your new home is one of the most common reasons why people choose to hire a van from us. The cost of moving home is at an all-time high, with the fees for conveyancing, home surveys, moving, cleaning and minor repairs likely to set the average house mover back thousands of pounds. According to a recent survey, the average cost for selling your home, buying a new property and moving in 2018 is £9,810. It’s no wonder that people are looking to cut costs in certain areas to make their house move more affordable!

Hiring a moving house van from us and conducting the big move yourself with the help of family and friends may be more time consuming but it is much cheaper than getting the removal professionals in to do the job for you. Hiring the right van for your house move is however important, and as with most vehicle rentals, size matters. Choose a van that is too small and the move is made even more stressful due to the need to make multiple trips. Pick a van that’s too big for your moving needs and you waste the hard-earned cash you tried so hard to save by hiring a van in the first place.

We can help you select the right size van for your upcoming house move, so you can keep removals as stress-free, smooth and successful as possible. The following guide provides details on the types of vans available and the load capacity that will help you complete your house move.

The medium wheel base (MWB) transit van

This may be the smallest of our van rentals but with room for up to 30 medium-sized boxes, many house movers will have all the space they need to complete their move in as fewer trips as possible. Whilst larger pieces of furniture won’t be so easily accommodated, those wishing to move belongings, minus appliances and larger items, will be able to seamlessly. As a rule of thumb, one appliance, such as a washing machine, would take up the space of around 5 boxes so be sure to subtract this from the total capacity if you do have white goods and other larger items to transport.

The long wheel base (LWB) transit van

Those with an apartment’s worth of belongings to shift or a jam-packed garage to clear out will prefer the increased capacity available from our long wheel base transit models. This particular van type has the capacity to transport up to 20 medium-sized boxes, a few appliances, a double bed, a two-seater sofa and a large TV. Couples and single movers tend to find the long wheel base transit the right fit for them, particularly if they are upgrading their studio flat or a more compact property.

The 3.5 tonne Luton van

The Luton van is a great choice for those with more than a few belongings and furniture items to move. Able to transport up to 25 medium sized boxes, appliances, lounge furniture, bedroom furniture and dining furniture, the 3.5 tonne Luton is a fitting option for individuals upgrading from a 1 or 2 bed apartment or small home.

Most of our 3.5 tonne Lutons come complete with electric tail lifts to make the loading and unloading of boxes and larger items even easier.

Need to take on a full house move?

Homes consisting of three or more bedrooms tend to accumulate a lot of stuff, a fact that can make moving the many boxes and larger items you’ve come to own over the years difficult without the right van in tow. The 7.5 tonne Luton lorry or a similarly large moving house van is the perfect van for the job. It can hold up to 40 medium sized boxes along with a range of appliances and furniture sets. Those looking to make fewer trips or people moving from 4 or 5 bedroom homes may benefit from hiring more than one Luton van or lorry for their move. Our vans are available to rent for as little as £29.29 per day making them an affordable and easy to access option whatever your removal requirements.

For further advice on which size rental van would work for you and your upcoming house or office move, please contact our team direct. You can also browse our range of vans and reserve your ideal van online.