What are the Sizes of Rental Cars – and Which is Best for Me?

Christmas Presents on CarIt’s not only the impending Christmas scramble to see relatives that gets people thinking about vehicle rental, people rent vehicles from us for a number of reasons. Whether you’re forging ahead with a trip overseas or even a staycation in the UK, wanting to impress the in-laws or a potential date, or wishing to present a more professional image through your vehicle choice on behalf of your business, vehicle rental makes all the difference. As well as ensuring that your vehicle looks the part, guaranteeing the right size for your unique requirements is another vital consideration. After all, what’s the point in renting a vehicle that is too small for your needs?

Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we pride ourselves on delivering a wide range of hire vehicles for all occasions, meaning we are certain to provide a car that meets your exact requirements. Whilst our team is always on hand to provide professional and helpful advice regarding the rental car that will suit your needs, there are several top tips you can call upon to ensure you choose the right size rental car for your upcoming trip or hire period. Read on to discover more…

How many passengers will be travelling with you?

As a driver, you’ll want to hear more about the in-car features and components that will make your driving experience extra smooth and successful, but you must consider your passengers too. The number of passengers you are planning to take on your trip should be considered carefully.

As well as the number of passengers, the age and height of passengers can provide vital indicators regarding which car is right for you. You need to offer the right amount of space for each passenger. Taller, larger or older passengers may require more space to feel truly comfortable, which is important on journeys long and short. Those transporting elderly passengers may also want to consider a larger vehicle due to the ease of accessibility that comes as standard across many bigger makes and models.

How much luggage does each passenger intend to bring?

It’s not just your passengers that you’ll have to accommodate. Each and every person you are travelling with will come with their own baggage, especially if the trip ahead is a holiday, and particularly if there are Christmas presents involved! The luggage requirements of each passenger will vary but ensuring that you have the space to comfortably fit your passengers and their baggage is vital. Those planning on travelling to a winter resort in their rental may have to accommodate additional luggage, like ski equipment, ruling out the hiring of many economy sized cars.

Where will you be travelling to on your upcoming trip?

The length and destination of your trip can impact the type and size of car that will be most suitable. Some makes and models are better suited to travelling longer distances, whilst others are great for frequent use once you arrive at your destination of choice.

Depending on your driving skill and experience, you may want a larger, sturdier vehicle to take on some of the narrower, steeper roads found in many parts of Europe. The climate of your destination and the countries you’ll be travelling through may make some sized vehicles better fits. In addition to this, the amenities available at your end destination may mean you use your rental not just to get to and from the country you are holidaying in but throughout your stay. Make sure the vehicle you select is the right size for quick jaunts to and from your accommodation. The availability of parking could also make a smaller vehicle the best choice for you and your family.

Ready to find the perfect sized rental vehicle for you? Call on our team for help with your selection. We don’t just find the right size and style for your budget but provide a range of convenient features to make driving throughout your hire period enjoyable and easy. You can also browse our latest stock and reserve online.