What is the Best Small Van?

Our small vans are popular hire options for new and existing customers. More than just corporate hires, our fantastic range of small but perfectly formed vans are great choices for private customers searching for a bit more space to play with than their usual runarounds. 

In this blog post, we shine the spotlight on our small van range to answer a selection of key questions so you can hire a small van with complete confidence and clarity.

Reasons to hire a small van

There is a long list of reasons to hire a car or van from us. Small vans are particularly useful, whether looking to hire a small van model for work or leisure.

For corporate customers, small vans open up a world of opportunity. They’re the perfect rentals for tradespeople, sole traders and self-employed experts, providing the space professionals need to grow their business affordably. We have a number of plumbers, joiners, electricians and couriers who use our small vans to make call outs and deliveries.

Small vans are fantastic for transporting everyday items, like bikes, garden waste and household goods. You’ll find it easy to transport small items of furniture and home improvement supplies (such as building provisions, flat pack kitchens, bathroom fittings, and decorating materials) from A to B thanks to our convenient and affordable hire service.

The benefits of hiring a small van

Small vans are extremely easy to drive, especially if you have no experience operating light goods vehicles (LGVs). Driving a small van is very similar to driving a car. They even fit in a standard parking space so there’s no need to worry about how you’ll manage those tricky manoeuvres. The three front seat layout of our small vans is another feature that ensures a cosy but comfortable ride and maximum storage space. 

Despite their compact size, small vans offer a surprising amount of space. This means they’re great for transporting more manageable loads. When hiring any vehicle, considering the running costs of your rental is also important. Thankfully small vans provide the fuel economy needed to guarantee a cost-effective rental period, even if you’re hiring for the long haul.

The features of our small vans make for a comfortable ride too. You’ll find height-adjustable seats and steering wheels, onboard computers, cruise control, USB or Bluetooth radio, and anchor points in the majority of our small van models. 

Our small vans provide ultimate ease when loading and unloading. Our models are equipped with five doors – driver and passenger, one sliding side door and double rear doors – which means whatever you’re transporting, you can load and unload easily and safely.

Our top small van picks

We hire a number of small van makes and models, each of which has been handpicked by our experts so you can enjoy all the perks of hiring a small van. Our Renault Kangoo and Citroën Berlingo are our top hires, and for good reason. 

The Citroën Berlingo

Our Citroën Berlingo vans offer the everyday versatility both business and private customers need. This model provides easy access as well as generous storage space that can be adapted to your specific use or activity. Along with its modern, sturdy and versatile interior, it boasts a sleek, attractive exterior, meaning business people can make a great first impression every time.

If you’re looking to transport longer loads, newer Citroën Berlingo models come equipped with Moduwork interiors. Thanks to this advancement, the passenger seats can be folded to accommodate objects that measure up to three metres in length. When you’re not transporting long loads, the Berlingo’s comfortable cabin will be a welcome treat for you and your passengers.

The Renault Kangoo

The Renault Kangoo offers another great option for your long or short term hire needs. Its bulkhead design ensures maximum space in the rear, and it provides an efficient solution for business and private customers looking to transport bulky items. 

In the cabin, you’ll discover a comfortable and safe workspace, with its contoured, height-adjustable driver’s seat providing a car-like position with a few added extras. Under the bonnet, the Renault Kangoo also excels. The new models provide a versatile, high-performance engine that promises efficiency and economy without compromise.

Driving a small van for the first time

Driving a small van is very similar to driving a car but hiring and operating a van for the very first time can still be a daunting process. 

Getting to know your van is the first step in gaining the familiarity that will help you drive safely and more confidently throughout your hire period. Our team will be there to talk you through the features of your new van, whilst taking it for a test drive on a short and familiar route is also recommended. 

Personalising your van to your needs will enable you to get comfortable in your new surroundings. Alter the position of your mirrors, seat, headrest, and steering wheel to find what works for you and set yourself up for a comfortable ride. 

Familiarising yourself with how your van drives is another must for first-time van drivers or those hiring a different model. Whilst your small van will fit in a standard parking bay, you may need to adjust your driving behaviour and account for its slightly larger size when driving or manoeuvring.

You should brush up on your loading skills too. Loading your van safely is a number one priority, especially if it involves lifting and loading heavier items. Load safely and in accordance with the van’s capacity, and go slow and steady when driving if your van is loaded with goods.

It is important to note that you do not need any additional driving qualifications to drive a small van. You can drive a van weighing up to 3,500kg using your standard car driving licence.

Looking for something a little bigger?

Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we offer a selection of van hire options, including small, large and extra-large vans. If you need something a little bigger than a small van, you can discover greater capacity by hiring one of our large work vans.

Our large van range features a variety of models, including the Citroën Relay, Ford Transit and Fiat Ducato.

These long-wheelbase alternatives are great for small house moves, transporting equipment or supplies, large DIY jobs, professional use by tradespeople etc. Unlike small vans, these vehicles do overhang a standard parking space but despite their larger size, they still fit on a standard driveway. Just don’t try to enter a multi-storey car park!

Our large van models are the largest van size that you can drive using your standard car driving licence, which means they are just as easy to hire as our small vans.

Hiring a van with Collison

Whether you want to hire a small or large van, we can help. We provide an extensive range of van models for you to choose from, and the hiring process is as simple and straightforward as it should be. All we ask is that you’re aged between 21 and 75, and have held a full and clean UK driving licence for at least two years. 

You should also share details of any declined, cancelled or refused insurance proposals; any physical or mental infirmity that could compromise driving safety; any motoring accidents within the past three years; and any current or pending convictions or motoring offences.

Get started with small van hire today by reserving your van online or contacting our team to book.