What Does MPV Stand For?

Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we specialise in providing hire vehicles for every occasion. Alongside our hire cars and vans, our range of MPVs are particularly popular, and for good reason!

MPVs provide the space and additional seating options business and private customers need. With prices starting from just £300 per month, MPVs are the affordable solution so many of you are looking for. 

Read on to discover more about MPVs, including what MPV actually stands for, what the best MPVs are on the market right now, and how this popular vehicle has changed over time.

What exactly is an MPV?

Multi-purpose vehicles or MPVs are popular hire options as well as excellent purchases for large families, sports organisations and businesses. 

Known more commonly as ‘people carriers’ (or ‘minivans’ across the pond in the USA), MPVs are well known for their practicality, great value and abundance of seats. In fact, selected MPV models have three rows of seats not to mention plenty of luggage space! 

For families, MPVs provide a spacious alternative to the standard runaround. But not all MPVs are designed with size solely in mind. Some MPVs offer just five seats, but their hugely practical, multi-purpose and reconfigurable interior means they exceed the standards set by estate and SUV models. Most MPVs however contain seven seats or above providing spacious interiors that go beyond the usual 5+2 layouts provided in seven-seater cars.

You can hire MPVs with up to 17 seats, meaning sports associations and businesses can get their entire teams from A to B with ease and in complete comfort.

Have MPVs always been popular?

MPVs have a long history in car manufacturing. The design is thought to have originated in the USA, with the 1936 Stout Scarab paving the way for a hugely popular MPV market. The DKW Schnellaster, Volkswagen Type 2 and Fiat Multipla all followed, and many of the features that these early models boasted are seen in the modern MPVs of today. 

From the 1970s to the 1990s, the US-dominated MPV manufacturing. Chrysler was particularly renowned for their MPV designs and regularly blurred the lines between small van and car with their creations. 

To capitalise on the growing minivan market, Mazda developed their first MPV back in 1989. This model was specifically designed for the US market, but its larger size meant many hurdles to jump for the Japanese carmaker. The Mazda MPV exceeded North America’s then strict compact size regulations, meaning it was hit with a huge tax bill. To absorb this cost, the Mazda MPV was marketed as a luxury vehicle, which hampered this particular MPV’s popularity.

Many MPV models prospered in the UK, USA, Europe and Asia. The year 2000 was the highest selling year on record for MPVs, yet from this point, the rising popularity of the SUV prevented MPVs from surpassing this peak.

These days, MPVs are making a comeback with more families and corporate users realising the benefits of this much-loved vehicle model.

Should I hire an MPV?

In short, yes! MPVs unlock a long list of advantages for both private and business customers. The space and seating provided are however just two of the perks of hiring an MPV. 

Thanks to their specially designed layouts and reconfigurable nature, MPVs deliver the comfort and practicality you just don’t get in vans and cars. Despite their larger size, they also offer excellent fuel economy and even better reliability, meaning you can save at the pump, and on maintenance and repairs.

Which MPV should I hire?

We stock a wide variety of MPVs at Collison Vehicle Rental. Our Volkswagen Sharan, Volkswagen Transporter and Ford Transit MPVs are our most popular hires for those looking for the versatility, space and comfort of a people carrier.

The Volkswagen Sharan is surprisingly nimble for an MPV. This MPV delivers on quality, with its interior and exterior particularly high-spec. 

With its 5 to 9 seat configuration, the Volkswagen Transporter is an MPV that is ideal for groups, organisations and families. Offering comfort and standout style, it provides a customised transport solution with plenty of storage systems and electronic features. The electric tailgate found on selected Transporter models also makes light work of loading and unloading.

The Ford Transit minibus is extremely spacious and equally as flexible. In this larger MPV, you can seat between 11 and 18 people (model dependent), making it a great choice for larger groups. There’s plenty of room for luggage too. Its wide opening provides easy access and straightforward loading, whilst additional tech features guarantee a journey that’s comfortable and enjoyable.

Ready to hire your MPV? Look no further than Collison Vehicle Rental! Find more information click to view our MPV and people carrier range or contact us direct to book.