Van Rental Categories Explained: V1, Lutons and More!

Van Rental There are many reasons why individuals and businesses alike choose to hire a van. The self-drive vehicles found within our van range offer a flexible and reliable solution to moving things from A to B, whether you are shifting personal belongings as part of a house move or satisfying the needs of your own customers with a corporate van hire. Whilst we aim to make hiring one of our high quality van models as easy, convenient and affordable as possible, the van rental categories we and many other vehicle rental companies use can be a cause of confusion, particularly if this is your first time hiring a van for an upcoming occasion.

Here we explain the van rental categories that we use, so you can find the right van make and model to suit your needs, and hire with confidence and clarity.

The V1 Van Category – Small Vans

Vans within our V1 category are particularly popular with customers from all walks of life. Featuring popular models like the Citroën Berlingo and Renault Kangoo, this category delivers vans that are smart, efficient and flexible to suit a variety of requirements. Most vans within our V1 category are able to seat three people comfortably with their 5 door design providing generous load capacity accessible through either one sliding door or double rear doors.

The small vans classed as V1 are designed to not only meet the needs of private users but cater to the requirements of professionals, including small business owners and sole traders. Available for long or short term hire, including at our weekend rate, our V1 vehicles offer greater loading capacity than an average car but all the comfort.

V2 Van Category – Transit Vans

Featuring van models such as the Ford Transit and Mercedes-Benz Vito, our V2 category goes one step further by offering a greater loading capacity than our V1 vehicles. Again the five door design provides enough room to seat three people in the front row as well as provide a generous amount of storage for work tools, materials and other goods, which can be easily accessed via a sliding side door or double rear doors. Our short wheel base vans are great for customers looking to transport larger goods for personal or professional reasons, and will easily accommodate items like furniture, sofas, beds, appliances and even smaller vehicles like motorbikes, mopeds and bicycles.

V3 Van Category – Long Wheel Base Vans

Our long wheel base V3 vans are particularly popular, and provide space for house moves as well as corporate van usage. In our V3 range you’ll find models like the Citroen Relay and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, two models that are especially spacious and stylish. Our V3 vans make it easy for you to pack up and go in as fewer trips as possible.

V4 Van Category – Extra-Long Wheel Base Vans

Extra-long wheel base vans are great options for short and long term rental. Those looking for more space to transport goods for business deliveries or private house moves will be surprised by how much space is available from our V4 category vehicles, which includes the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Secure and efficient, our V4 vans offer all the modern conveniences you’d expect alongside easy loading features like high tops and low load floor levels.

V5 Van Category – Luton Vans

We couldn’t write an article about van hire without mentioning the famous Luton van. Our Luton van range is firmly a part of our V5 category and the model provides a number of plus points for those searching for an easy to use van option. Featuring an electric tail lift as standard, our V5 Luton vans make loading, transporting and unloading quick and easy.

To find out more about the vans available across all our rental categories and find a model that suits you, please contact us today or simply reserve online.