Van Hire: Not Just for Moving!

Van HireThere’s no doubt that van hire is integral to the moves of private and corporate customers, whether you are upping sticks to a new business premises down the road or eloping a little further afield with all your personal belongings. The collection of bulky items as well as smaller, more delicate items is made easy with van hire from a professional like Collison Vehicle Rental.

Van hire is synonymous with moving house, but here at Collison Vehicle Rental in Waterlooville, we’re proving that hire vehicles don’t have to be one trick ponies. Our van hire services are utilised by people from all walks of life for literally all occasions, making them versatile options at every stage. Here we provide a rundown of the top occasions where hiring a van from us comes in handy, so you can become one step closer to a more convenient, cost effective and efficient solution for your unique requirements.

Make light work of home improvement

Regardless of whether you are tackling a large scale renovation or a series of smaller DIY tasks, one thing is for certain, home and garden improvement results in a lot of waste. Waste collection services can be expensive, particularly with the disposal of bulkier items such as soil, rubble and appliances. With van hire you can shift a vast amount of waste to your local tip with ease, and more importantly, without making a mess in your own vehicle.

Avoid expensive home delivery costs

So you’ve got a lovely, newly renovated property? Now it’s time to shop for the fixings, fittings and furnishings that make your house a home. If you are planning to invest in furniture and other bulky appliances, hiring a van makes perfect sense. Save time and money by using your recently hired van to collect your items, and get the goods you want there and then rather than waiting for them to be delivered to your home.

Manage business demand with ease

For product and service based businesses, having the fleet of vehicles you need is a matter of time and money. For start-up companies and small businesses in particular, it may not be possible to buy your own vans outright. Van hire offers an affordable solution for those looking to provide an enviable service to their own customers, a fact that will have a huge impact on your success.

The transport requirements of businesses vary from industry to industry but with van hire you can manage business demand with ease, free up capital and avoid the depreciation costs that come with investing in your own fleet of commercial vehicles. The costs of MOT testing, road tax, maintenance and breakdown are also non-existent with van hire.

Enjoy the perks of short term van hire

For businesses and sole traders providing entertainment services, i.e. musicians that only work at weekends or during wedding season, or providing another service where demand is sporadic, transporting the equipment that is integral to your business is simple with van hire. Businesses or other organisations running events or exhibitions may also find one-off van hire particularly useful, with commercial clients able to transport goods from one destination to another affordably, securely and conveniently.

How Collison can help:

There are many reasons why you may want to hire a van, and both residential and commercial customers are in good hands here at Collison Vehicle Rental in Waterlooville. We provide van hire for all occasions, and you can choose from a range of models, including the Renault Kangoo, Renault Trafic, Fiat Ducato and Mercedes Sprinter, to meet your individual needs.

To discuss your van hire requirements, please contact our dedicated team direct. Or reserve your van now online.