3 Top Tips for Long Drives

Long DrivesDriving long distances is a challenge faced by many motorists, whether you are taking to the road courtesy of a vehicle rental or using a car of your own. For business or leisure, making it to your destination of choice, and ultimately arriving in one piece and with your sanity intact are your primary goals, and thankfully there are numerous driving tips that can help you do just that. Read on to discover the golden rules that go hand-in-hand with surviving a long car journey.

Tip 1: Planning makes perfect

Whilst we all seem to have the technology to take on the roads with confidence, it’s important to do some additional research prior to your journey. Planning your stops and knowing where the service stations are on your route will not only give you the time out you need throughout your journey but allow you to complete the essential maintenance your vehicle requires to keep going, more on that later.

It is recommended that you take a scheduled stop every two hours or so, and planning these around mealtimes or even interesting places on route is a great way to break up the journey and get in those all-important bathroom stops!

Tip 2: Staying awake

Staying awake is of course one of the greatest difficulties for drivers on long journeys, especially if you are travelling at a time when you would otherwise be fast asleep. There are many steps you can take to stay alert and maintain optimum safety.

Before you begin your journey avoid exhaustion by stocking up on sleep; at least eight hours of sleep on the two nights before you set off is excellent to building your reserves. As well as trying to avoid driving at night, limiting driving between 1pm and 3pm when your body temperature is at its lowest and most people are naturally drowsy is vital. In addition to stocking up on sleep, fuel up before and throughout your drive with small, healthy and vitamin infused snacks and stay hydrated. Sitting up straight and deep breathing have also been proven to keep drivers fully focused on the road, whilst your passengers may be able to help keep you entertained thus reducing driver fatigue.

Tip 3: Pay attention to your car

As well as choosing a rental that you can rely on for long and short journeys, being prepared for the worst is important. Make sure you check your water, oil and washer levels before you go, and ensure you have water and breakdown equipment available throughout your journey.

Bonus Tip: Hire a Great Car!

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