Top Ten Car Hire Tips from Collison Vehicle Rental

Top TipsPeople from all walks of life find it beneficial to hire a vehicle. Whether you need a rental vehicle to impress potential clients or want to make the same great impression on your in-laws, vehicle rental makes sense for so many reasons. Those hiring for a house move or special occasion can also find convenience and affordability courtesy of our hire service. For first time hirers in particular the process of renting a vehicle that you can call your own for your desired hire period can be daunting.

As an established vehicle rental company, we aim to make the hire process as simple and straightforward as possible for all our customers. Our experts are here to help you get the most out of your hire. Read on to discover our top ten car hire tips for achieving just that…

1. Shop around

We offer this first tip with complete confidence, particularly as we know we’re the best vehicle rental company in town. Shopping around and requesting a few quotes from a few different companies can provide the reassurance you need that you’re getting the best possible deal. There are many online portals that make price comparison easy, although we recommend approaching individual vehicle rental companies direct for the best prices.

2. Choose a complete package

No one wants to receive the nasty surprise of hidden extras. Selecting a vehicle rental company that offers a complete and comprehensive package (like us for instance!) will ensure you pay the price you expect to pay for your rental vehicle.

Our rental quotation provides everything you need to meet all safety and legal requirements throughout the hire period. The quote you receive from our team includes the rental cost, insurance, breakdown cover and VAT. You require no additional protection, whilst any extras you choose are entirely up to you

3. Pay extra for excess protection

The excess amounts enforced by some vehicle rental companies can be astronomical. Whilst we offer a reasonable excess that’s payable should the worse happen, we would always recommend paying that bit extra for excess protection cover. An excess protection policy is completely optional but for a small daily fee you can reduce or eliminate the excess that comes with our standard Collision Damage Waiver insurance.

4. Always check your fuel policy

Different rental companies have different policies when it comes to the refuelling of a rental vehicle before its return. Collecting your rental vehicle with a full or half full tank is considered the most economical option. Most provide no refunds for unused fuel which makes policies where you leave with a full tank and have to return it will an empty tank the least cost-effective.

5. Be clear on the details

Knowing what you want from your rental vehicle and when you want it will make quoting for your hire super-easy. By knowing your wants and needs our team can assist you in sourcing the right rental vehicle for your exact requirements.

6. Never turn down a free upgrade!

You may not always get the make and model illustrated on the website, but don’t panic! Our fleets are improving all the time, which means the cars and vans that make it up may not always be as advertised. Whatever you’re expecting however, you can rest assured that the exact vehicle you’re greeted with will be of a similar spec or even better.

7. Always be prepared

When hiring a vehicle make sure you are fully prepared with the right identification and deposit. We don’t want you going away empty handed! We require four forms of ID, which include your driving licence, passport or employment card, National Insurance number, and a utility bill or bank statement. A deposit must also be paid when hiring any of our rental vehicles.

8. Read the T&Cs carefully

When signing your rental agreement, it’s important to remember that you are signing a contract. Before signing on the dotted line, be sure to read the associated terms and conditions carefully. We provide our terms and conditions online so you can read them in advance and make the rental process even more efficient.

9. Check your vehicle before you leave

Providing rental vehicles in the very best condition is important to us. To make doubly sure you are happy with your vehicle rental before you drive off our forecourt we take you to the vehicle and talk you through any areas of damage or peculiarities. If a walk through is not given by your chosen rental company, insist on it so you can drive away with confidence.

10. Enjoy every moment

Hiring a vehicle can unlock many plus points. Once you have found a vehicle that suits your requirements and hired it out, it’s time to enjoy it.

Ready to get renting? Contact our team direct to discuss your requirements by calling 023 9225 9322. You can also visit our Cowplain showroom to see our fabulous fleet in person. Don’t have time to pop in or call? You can reserve your rental online for added convenience.