Top 5 Reasons To Need a Van Hire

collison-van-hireThere are many instances in life where you just need more space, and this fact is particularly true when it comes to van hire. Whether it is the number of passengers you are looking to increase or greater comfort or luggage space requirements that you need to accommodate, thousands of vans are hired to private and business customers each and every year, and here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we understand that there are countless scenarios where van hire makes perfect sense. Here we take a look at the top five reasons to hire a van so you can find a vehicle for all and any occasion.

1. Relocation

Moving to a new county or even a new country is a daunting prospect for any person, and as if packing up your entire life wasn’t stressful enough, figuring out how to transport your belongings safely and securely from A to B is another worry. Whilst there are many man with van type services out there, nothing is more reassuring than handling the relocation process yourself, and thanks to our van hire service you can guarantee complete control, optimum load capacity and comfort during transit.

2. Self-move

As with relocation having the freedom to pack your belongings up and get moving in your own time is a major plus point for all home movers. When hiring a professional removal or man with van service you may be conscious of the time constraints, whilst leaving your belongings in the hands of someone you are not familiar with may also be a cause for concern for many. With van hire you can take the time you need to self-move and remain in charge of the packing of items, loading of the van and unloading at your final destination.

3. Trade exhibition

Businesses need van hire too, and there are many instances where hiring a van offers a practical, efficient and cost effective solution. Attending a trade exhibition on behalf of your company is just one situation where you may have extra business baggage. By hiring a van that suits your needs you can ensure that you have all the room you require to transport your business’ coveted goods to the exhibition, leaving you to sell to your heart’s content. For service based businesses, hiring a van will give you the facilities to transport more of your colleagues or employees to the exhibition as well as any equipment needed to configure your stand.

4. Holiday

The staycation has become a popular choice for millions of families in recent years, whilst many more look to travel a little further to Europe to enjoy the convenience of a short haul break. With the average family spending around 20% of their net income on holidays, whether you are holidaying at home or in Europe, every minute counts and ensuring that you can get to your chosen resort in comfort is of the utmost importance.

More and more families are choosing to drive to their holiday destinations but with the family to accommodate and all that luggage, in most cases the family car is a tight squeeze – that’s where hiring a van comes in. Our vans are fully equipped for journeys long and short, and you can even choose one of our European travel ready vehicles if you are holidaying on the continent.

5. Business contract

Fulfilling your business contracts is an essential part of building reputation in any industry, however for larger contracts you may not have the facilities to accommodate a client’s needs. By hiring a van you can ensure that you have the loading capacity to fulfil contracts of any size.

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