How to Survive Long Car Journeys with Children

Children on Long JourneysThe faint uttering of the words “are we there yet?” is enough to send the most patient driver to distraction and with summer in full swing, many families will be taking to the roads to enjoy a staycation or even a holiday in Europe. Long car journeys with children, of any age, in tow can make travelling long distances even more stressful but there are steps parents can take to make these trips tolerable and even fun!

As a leading provider of vehicle rentals, we see people from all walks of life come through our doors in search of a car, and parents are just one customer that we cater to. Here we take a look at the top tips you can call upon when taking those long journeys by car with all the family.

Plan your journey & your stops

When travelling with young children in particular it is recommended that you stop every two hours, but with kids of all ages, stopping regularly will not only leave plenty of time for those bathroom breaks but give the entire family the chance to stretch their legs and enjoy a change of scenery. There are plenty of route planners available online, which will give your details on your journey and the service stations accessible along the way. Allow at least 45 minutes per scheduled stop to keep the calculation of your arrival time as realistic as possible.

Alleviate boredom the best way you can

Unbeknown to many car journeys can provide a continuous source of inspiration when it comes to fun and games, so you never have to face the monotony of lengthier journeys for too long. The net is stacked full of great ideas for car games – from car bingo to name that tune, the list is endless – whilst packing a full stocked activity bag is a great way to ensure you are fully equipped for the journey ahead.

Travel in comfort & prepare for every eventuality

Knowing how to travel with children means planning every part of your journey, not just your route. The time you start your trip can influence just how calm and comfortable the journey is; driving early in the morning and popping them into the car with their pyjamas on will ensure they are extra cosy and spend part of the journey snoozing, a tact that also minimises the need for stops.

It’s not just tiredness that makes long car journeys with children stressful, a hungry child is also not a great travel companion, so make sure you have plenty of snacks to hand.

Make the right choice of family car

One thing that’s sure to make a long car journey fly by is a spacious, comfortable car. At Collisons Waterlooville we have a great range of family cars to hire – check out what we have and if you need any advice, just call!