Kid-Friendly Family Car Rental Tips

Christmas CarThere are many instances in life where it makes perfect sense to hire a rental car. Christmas time certainly brings lots of reasons to hire a car for various seasonal travelling. Even if you have your own vehicle sitting in the driveway, family car rental is an excellent choice if you are planning a home move, going on holiday, travelling to a special occasion, going for an interview, driving out of the area, taking your kids or parents out for the day, waiting for a new car, or simply want to impress your nearest and dearest. Whatever your reason for renting, if you have children in tow there are extra factors that you may want to consider during the vehicle hire process to make your life, or a specific journey, that bit easier.

Here at Collison Vehicle Rental in Waterlooville, we hire out cars and vans to customers from all walks of life. Catering to families looking for convenient, affordable and reliable car hire is what we do. As a result, our experienced team do everything they can to make vehicle hire one thing that modern families can rely on, whether they are looking for a second car to run around town, a van to move their precious belongings to a brand new home or a vehicle to enjoy a day out or trip away.

In this blog post, we unveil the factors that will make car hire the perfect solution for families, as well as the top tips that will make your experience even better.

Choose a transparent rental vehicle supplier

As a rule, Collison Vehicle Rental provide honest and transparent pricing to make the process of hiring a vehicle simple and straightforward. The rental quotations we provide take into account all your safety and legal requirements for the entirety of your rental period. In effect, each quotation covers the rental costs, your insurance, breakdown cover and VAT, and you don’t pay more than what is quoted if you choose to go ahead.

Find a complete family car rental solution

In addition to providing an inclusive quote for rental costs, insurance, breakdown cover and VAT, we offer a range of additional items at extra cost. We understand that comfort and storage space is important to families travelling in a rental car with children, and take this as well as the number of passengers, type of driving, appearance requirements and parking availability into consideration when helping you to select a vehicle.

Discover convenient, child-friendly extras

We want to make your car hire as convenient as possible too, and give you a choice of manual and automatic vehicles, alongside a variety of specialist features. Bluetooth and parking assist come as standard across many of our models, whilst we will also source a vehicle that provides enough seat width for the correct children’s car seats to be fitted.

If you are also travelling with passengers who have limited mobility, we can offer cars that provide better ease of access for a comfy experience for all.

Take our advice when travelling with children

A stress free car journey can be difficult to achieve as a family, particularly if you have young children. Being prepared however is the key to unlocking fun and exciting car journeys every time. Now you have a rental car that provides ultimate convenience for you and your family, kit it out with the supplies that will make a big difference. If you plan to take on long journeys in your rental vehicle, make sure you have plenty of snacks and water to hand. Planning your route carefully is another must; leave plenty of time for your journey and don’t forget to schedule in rest stops for the necessary loo breaks and refreshment refills.

Need a family friendly car rental? Contact our team direct to discuss your hire requirements and discover the perfect family car hire option for you, or reserve your car online!