Car Hire With Full-Empty Option – Is It Worth It?

Car FuelThere are many reasons why drivers choose to rent a vehicle rather than use or purchase a car of their own, and with so many affordable rental options easily accessible these days, renting often makes perfect sense. In the same breath, a number of the optional extras available can make driving a rental more convenient and cost effective but is the much publicised full fuel tank to empty option a great perk or simply a waste of money?

At Collison Vehicle Rental, we pride ourselves on not only offering a selection of high quality cars and vans for hire but delivering the advice our customers need to make an informed decision. Here we review the reasons for and against pre-fuelled rental cars so you can decide for yourself.

An unfair addition to your bill?

Hiring a car is now more affordable than ever but with many hire companies adding on surprise charges, getting the vehicle you want for the price advertised isn’t always possible. Many hire companies are adopting the full-empty policy as its only policy, a move that has left many customers feeling ripped off. Some companies do offer the right to a refund on unused fuel, but many don’t and many more attach a service charge.

Whatever car or van you choose to rent from our team, you can rest assured that we are completely upfront with all charges so you know exactly what you are paying for before driving off the forecourt. Your quotation covers all your safety and legal requirements for the entire rental period and includes the rental cost, car insurance, breakdown cover and VAT. Optional extras, such as child seats, additional driver insurance, sat navs, delivery and collection, are available but we make these clear from the outset.

Could paying in advance save you money?

In short, no. The majority of full-empty options provide petrol at an inflated price, which could leave you out of pocket. More often than not drivers taking out the full-empty tank package do not use all the fuel they’ve paid for, after all who has time to anticipate fuel usage throughout the hire period so you return the vehicle in the nick of time with not a drop of fuel to spare? Your rental period should be spent doing other things, like enjoying the car or van you’ve hired, whether you are using it for business or pleasure.

If you are looking for car hire that’s transparent and comes at a fair price, take a look at our fantastic selection of car rental options in Waterlooville and contact us today!