Packing Tips for Your Rental Car

carWith 2018 on the horizon and temperatures plummeting, now couldn’t be a better time to plan your summer getaway. Many holiday-goers may opt for air travel to get to their destination of choice but taking on the journey by car can make for an interesting and unforgettable trip. The UK is full of amazing destinations for staycations, whilst the sights and renowned culture of Europe is just a short hop across the English Channel. The open road is waiting, and what better way to experience its thrill than in a rental car.

Even if you have your own car sitting in the drive, hiring a rental car for your upcoming trip goes hand-in-hand with a plethora of benefits. With car hire, reliability comes as standard and you can take advantage of the latest car models and all the modern conveniences that come with them. Hiring a car for your journey is extremely convenient and affordable, particularly if you are planning to head to Europe for your road trip. Our European travel ready vehicles have all you need to enjoy your trip safely and legally.

Whatever your chosen destination, by hiring a car from us all you have to worry about is packing. Here we reveal the packing tips that will keep holidaying by car an enjoyable, exciting and easy to manage experience for driver and passengers.

Choose your rental wisely

There are many things to consider when choosing a rental vehicle for your upcoming road trip, and selecting your car wisely will make all the difference to just how successful your packing project is. As well as taking into account the number of passengers accompanying you, the type of driving you’ll be taking on and the level of convenience you require during the rental period, our team will delve deeper into your luggage and comfort requirements.

Booking a car with your bags and comfort in mind is essential, after all you don’t want to end up with passengers placing cases and bags on their laps for the entirety of the journey. We work with you to identify a vehicle that has enough room for you, your passengers, your luggage and even the souvenirs you want to bring back!

Think about your suitcases

When it comes to your suitcase choice, every traveller wants a sturdy and reliable product that makes it from A to B with ease. Hard shelled suitcases are integral to protecting your belongings when travelling by plane, train or coach, but when packing your rental car, taking the softer approach is recommended. Soft sided suitcases and travel bags are the luggage option of choice for experienced road trippers, and for good reason. Soft suitcases are more malleable, meaning you can make full use of your boot space.

Soft sided cases are much lighter in weight too, which makes stopping off at various locations and lugging your belongings from your car to your hotel less of a chore.

Pack your boot with care

How you pack your boot will impact just how much luggage you can accommodate. Packing oddly shaped and heavy items first is a top tip for making full use of your storage space.

Packing with the handle facing out, will not only make unloading easier but leave a gap around the boot opening for the storage of smaller items. Keep essential luggage, i.e. your purse or wallet, travel documentation, vehicle documents, maps, electronics, phone chargers, emergency supplies, snacks, water and other important items, stowed away close to hand in the passenger area of your rental car to avoid having to continuously pull over to root through your boot.

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