Car Rental Change and the Technology That Drives It

QR Code for Car RentalThe automotive industry is known and loved for its innovations with developments that could alter our driving experiences becoming apparent on a daily basis, but it’s not all concept cars and self-drive technologies that are taking the world by storm. The car rental market is undergoing a revolution of late and new technologies are coming to light that have the potential to change car rental forever. But what do you need to know about these new technologies and just how long could it be until they’re available at a car rental company near you?

Rental car sharing

These days with the rising cost of fuel and parking along with continuously increasing rail fares, car shares are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you are making your way to work or dropping the kids off at school, car sharing has become a proven way to slash travel costs.

According to a study conducted by car manufacturer Ford, some 42% of people would consider car sharing when making a journey, which makes the recent news regarding car share technology in the rental industry even more ground-breaking. Car share technology uses an automated and membership based system to offer an efficient and affordable transportation solution. Already used in places that have a proven interest in car sharing in the US, car share technology within the vehicle rental market has the potential to reduce the amount of traffic on our roads, save passengers and drivers money, and make the complicated administration associated with multiple people being involved in a hire a thing of the past.

Hybrid vehicle access

Having access to green technology hasn’t always been possible within the vehicle rental market, but now a growing number of vehicle rental companies are increasing their hybrid availability. Having the choice to hire vehicles with lower CO2 emissions is bringing more and more customers to the vehicle rental market, with the bureaucracy that goes hand-in-hand with plug in car, motorcycle and van grants avoided thanks to the rental process. Team this with excellent fuel economy and the hire of an electric vehicle makes perfect sense for many customers.

Digital support after rental

Getting the support you need once you drive off the forecourt isn’t always easy, and despite our team being available to answer your queries and provide further support throughout your rental period, the use of digital technology is transforming processes for good. Many rental companies are unable to offer out of hours support but mobile sites like OnRamp Concierge is transforming this. The service uses the vehicle’s Quick Response (QR) code, located on a rental vehicle’s window or key tag, to provide all the information you need about your rental vehicle make and model at the touch of a button.

Information provided via the QR scanning service includes frequently asked questions about your specific vehicle make and model, information that may come in handy and fine-tune your driving experience; information from the vehicle’s manufacturer; the customer service contact details of your vehicle rental company; and even a feature that allows you to share your rental experience with fellow customers.

Enhanced repairs efficiency

Unfortunately, accidents do happen and with rental vehicles in particular, getting a car back on the road following a road traffic accident can be a long winded process with heaps of paperwork involved. Automated systems, such as the ARMS Automotive Suite, make completing repairs and returning a vehicle to the road even more efficient. As well as providing a seamless link between insurance providers, rental customers, rental companies and repair centres, services like ARMS provide excellent customer service, including vehicle status updates and customer notifications.

Hire a fully-featured car today

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