Long Term Corporate Car Rental – Is it Worth the Investment?

corporate car rentalsThere are many reasons why our customers come to us for vehicle hire, and we are proud to provide a host of high quality vehicles for all occasions. Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we’ve seen it all, with our vehicles being used for going on holiday, moving house, taking a trip to Ikea, and impressing the mates and in-laws. Our vehicles have played starring roles in special occasions, such as weddings and anniversary celebrations. Our vehicles are also relied on by our corporate car rental clients, with those representing their businesses looking to present a polished appearance with the latest makes and models around.

Long term corporate car rentals offer a number of advantages for business owners, managers and employees serving all industry sectors. Here we take a closer look at whether hiring a car for your company is a worthwhile investment.

Great corporate cars and vans at great prices

We stock a full range of vehicles, makes and models that are designed to help you and your company get noticed. From the Audi A6 and Mini Cooper to the VW Golf and Hyundai i20, our corporate cars are available at great, fixed prices, so you know exactly what you’ll need to pay from month to month. As well as providing a great pricing structure, you may want to choose from our comprehensive service and maintenance plans to ensure capital expenditure is kept to a minimum. With a hire vehicle, there’s no depreciation costs, unlike when you purchase a new car and its value plummets as soon as you drive off the forecourt. With long term corporate car rental all you have to worry about is the rental costs and its fuel, freeing up more of your corporate budget to spend elsewhere within your business.

Our affordable price points don’t just help you manage your business budgets more effectively, you can accurately forecast for the months and years ahead with long term corporate hire. Our hire vehicles come with minimal administration too. In fact, we manage all hire paperwork on your behalf leaving you to enjoy all the perks of long term hire without the hassle.

Ongoing advice and support for your corporate car rental

Whether you are with us for the long term or short term, our ongoing advice and support comes as standard. We’re here for you, from the beginning of your journey with us to when the time comes to hand your vehicle back. We understand that sourcing and hiring a vehicle with a specification that suits you is important, that’s why our team know their vehicle range inside out. We aim to match you with the vehicle size, fuel economy, maintenance and servicing plans, and even the added extras that will suit you as a driver whilst complementing your business and your budget. We provide ongoing advice and support so you can select the right corporate hire for your needs and save lots of money in the long run.

The power to impress

Regardless of whether your business is a start-up venture or long established, most budgets don’t allow you the funds to purchase the assets that best reflect your ambitions and successes as a business owner. With long term corporate hire you can harness the power to impress at a fixed and affordable monthly price.

Need to hire more than one vehicle? We work with companies that have varying hire needs, and understand that some business’ requirements are bigger than others. The great benefits described above can be enjoyed across more than one corporate hire vehicle, including full fleets.

Whatever your corporate car hire requirements, your rental journey starts with just a phone call. Call Rob or Becky today on 023 9225 9322, or email Rob@CollisonGroup.co.uk or Becky@CollisonGroup.co.uk to book a consultation.