How to Correctly Load a Removal Van

Whether you are moving house or setting up shop somewhere new, choosing the right removal partner and getting the expert advice you need for the correct, efficient loading of the van that will transport your personal or business-based possessions is a vital part of the puzzle. Take a look at our essential guide on how to correctly load a removal van and get from A to B safely and securely.

Getting started

Planning of course makes perfect, particularly when it comes to the essentials and logistics of moving. Many private and commercial clients simply don’t have the budget to foot the bill for a fully comprehensive removal service, and as well as the financial implications, relinquishing full control isn’t right for everyone. Hiring a van and overseeing the move yourself is often the best option.

There are many van hire companies accessible throughout the UK, but selecting one that advises on your specific requirements is key. The van range offered is also important and closer inspection will mean that certain makes and models may be more suitable for moving goods than others. Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we offer a full range of removal vans, from small run-arounds to larger vehicles with specialist additions to make moving easier, such as lower level loading and electric tail lifts. Whatever size you are looking for, all Collison rentals are plywood- lined panel vans and each comes equipped with D rings in the floor making them perfect for securing items of all sizes. The rails along the sides however are for strength, not for loading, so never tie things to these as they will pull in and off.  If you are moving locally it is sometimes better to hire a smaller van for less money and an easier driving and parking experience, and then do two or three loads.  Any good rental company will be able to give you the dimensions of their vans’ so that you can make an informed choice.

Top tips for van loading

Whilst there are countless articles about how to correctly pack your belongings for moving, knowing how to load your hired removal van will not only make the process of unloading much easier but also ensure the safe and secure transit of your prized possessions. Read on to discover our golden rules and load your removal van like a professional…

  • Before you begin, always complete an equipment check to ensure you have everything to hand for loading, such as straps, dolly trucks, blankets and boxes.  Anything spare can be used for bulking out, so you can never have too much.
  • Plan the position of every item and treat loading like a jigsaw
  • Place heavier items, i.e. wardrobes and sofas, against the front internal wall of the van and secure with ropes or straps
  • Don’t be afraid to layer as you load but be sure to put large, sturdy items at the bottom and more fragile pieces on top.  Use sofa furnishings and blankets to bridge the gaps.
  • Anything with a firm edge can rub and damage itself, other items or the van.  Do load tightly, but make sure you cover or pack out all edges.
  • Always keep fridges and freezers upright if you can.  The manual will tell you how long to wait if they do have to be laid down, so don’t plug them straight back in.
  • Always put health and safety first, and take the time to teach your helpers the ins and outs of safe lifting.
  • Keep your washing up bowl containing your kettle, tea/coffee, mugs and milk on or under the front seats of your van.  Before unloading, a hot drink will give you the impetus to reverse all your previous hard work, and you don’t want to be digging through furniture for your kettle!