Can you rent a car after passing your test?

Passed driving testHiring a car is an ideal way to get you and your family or friends from A to B. Owning your own vehicle is after all an expensive business, in fact, according to a recent survey, British motorists face a £3,500-a-year bill making the UK one of the most expensive places on earth to run a vehicle! But when you do have a licence and want a set of wheels to either get you to your holiday destination or complete a home move more efficiently, hiring a vehicle allows you to do this at an affordable rate.

When hiring a vehicle however, the amount of time you have held your licence for and your age may be factors in whether you are allowed to drive a hire car or not.

Hiring as a newly qualified driver

Whilst there are companies that hire vehicles to newly qualified motorists, these are few and far between. Drivers that have just passed their tests are particularly high risk, and whether you have experience on the road or are fresh out of the test centre, the majority of vehicle hire companies (including us) ask for the driver to have held their licence for at least two years.

Your age will also be a consideration for vehicle rental companies, and as a rule of thumb we only hire to drivers that are aged between 21 and 75. Your driving licence should also be clean.

Van and minibus rental

For individuals wishing to hire a larger van or minibus, there are further restrictions imposed during the rental process. As well as being over 21, carrying a full clean UK licence and holding that licence for at least two years, you will also need a ‘C’ category on your licence. Category C permits the driver to operate vehicles that weigh over 3,500kg with a trailer of up to 750kg.

To add a higher category to a full UK driving licence you must apply for provisional entitlement and then take a test for the new category. Once passed you will then be able to legally drive larger vehicles such as vans and minibuses.

Other requirements for drivers

As part of your rental agreement you will have to answer a number of insurance questions before confirmation of hire can be given. Answering these honestly and bringing the right documentation with you is the key to getting the hire vehicle you need, whatever your reason for rental.

If you qualify…

If you do qualify to hire a car or a van and you in in the local area, we would love to help you out! Take a look at our full range of van and car hire options for Waterlooville now.