How to Get Used to Driving a New Car

Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we connect drivers with the wheels they need to get from A to B and live life their way. Whether you’re new to hiring a car or have hired from us before, the prospect of hiring and driving a new vehicle is very exciting indeed, but it can also be challenging. 

Making the switch from your old, familiar runaround to a shiny new vehicle can be daunting for the most experienced drivers. From overcoming the hurdles of new technology to getting used to a new layout, there are several ways that your new hire vehicle may be different from other cars you’ve driven.

Whilst our team is there to help you make the adjustment, the following tips and tricks can be called upon by every driver to get used to driving a new car fast…

Enjoy a little light reading

Getting to know the features of your new car is easy with a little help from our team. Before you make your maiden journey off our forecourt, our experts will talk you through the features of the hire car and give you the opportunity to try them out under our watchful eye. You can then direct any questions you may have to us and get the answers you need to become more familiar with your car. 

Participating in a spot of light reading courtesy of your car’s owner’s manual while you wait for your vehicle or upon arrival at home after making that first journey is also an easy way to get to know the specific make and model.

Play around with the tech

The technology side of a new car is a common feature that many drivers struggle with. As well as referring to the owner’s manual and our team for guidance, parking in a safe place like your driveway or a car park, and playing around with these technological advancements will help you flatten that learning curve.

Personalise the car to your needs

While you’re spending time familiarizing yourself with the technology, why not work on creating a personalised in-car experience? 

Get your seat in the right position, alter your mirrors, raise or lower your headrest, move the steering wheel, try the lights, and sync your phone to your car so you can make calls and listen to your favourite tunes hands-free. 

There are countless ways to make your hire car your own, and every personalised change you make will help you feel more at home in your new car.

Take your new car for a drive

Now you’ve made yourself comfortable in your car, now is the time to get familiar with how it drives. 

Every car offers a different driving experience. With time and a few trips out, you can get to know exactly how it feels to drive your new car, how it responds to various conditions, and what does and doesn’t complement your driving style.

When taking it out for its first few spins, take it easy. Choose a route that you know well and find a quiet, safe place to test out that emergency stop, it’ll give you the confidence to drive with safety in mind.

Head to a quiet spot

Taking a detour to a quiet car park during those first few outings is another must. You may now be familiar with how your car feels and drives, and the features that make your car interior super comfortable. But you may not be so confident with manoeuvring it, especially if your new hire vehicle is much bigger than cars you’ve previously driven.

Don’t leave practising your manoeuvres until the busy school run or the equally chaotic supermarket shop. Find a quiet car park to practise your turns in the road, reversing, bay parking and parallel parking to give you the confidence to take on anything throughout your hire period.

Call on us for support

When hiring a car from us, our team is here to help every step of the way. As well as getting you well acquainted with your vehicle before you drive off into the sunset, advice and support is available throughout your hire period, whenever you need it. We are after all so much more than just a car hire company. 

Whether you’re hiring for just the weekend or for the long haul, our dedicated team can support you with the guidance and assistance you need to really make the most of your new hire car.

Ready to put these top tips to the test? Hire a car with us today by reserving your vehicle online or contacting us direct. You can also pop into our Waterlooville headquarters to discuss your hire needs and view our range of exciting hire cars, vans, and corporate vehicles in person.