How Does an Electronic Handbrake Work?

Vehicle rental can expose you to a whole new, wonderful world of in-car technology. Many of our hire cars and vans are equipped with the latest advancements, each of which is designed to make your driving experience even better. But for many drivers, particularly enthusiasts and drivers of older models, the abundance of technology available in our hire vehicles can be seen as more of a negative than a positive.

The electronic handbrake is one such piece of technology that can deter private and business customers from hiring a certain make and model. Yet moving with the times and embracing such cutting edge features can in fact enhance your ride. 

Here we share the benefits of an electronic handbrake, and why it shouldn’t stand in the way of your perfect hire.

It’s actually a genius move!

The traditional handbrake uses a lever, a cable and tension to lock the rear wheels and hold your vehicle firmly in place. Electronic handbrakes achieve exactly the same outcome, minus the energy that it takes to pull a lever! 

Instead of the age-old tensioned cables method, an electronic handbrake uses an electric motor. You simply press a button to hold your vehicle exactly where it needs to be.

Disengaging an electronic handbrake is even easier. Most disengage as soon as you start driving, whilst others require you to simply push a button to release the handbrake.

It’ll become second nature

Whilst every new feature, even one as instrumental as your handbrake, takes some getting used to, with enough practice it’ll become second nature. There may be an odd case of stalling, but once you familiarise yourself with the electronic handbrake, you’ll never look back!

It’s more reliable

How many times have you had to seek assistance from a mechanic to fix handbrake issues? Whether your handbrake was too tight, too loose, stuck or simply ineffective, handbrake adjustments and repairs are a major inconvenience. 

With this in mind, you’ll be pleased to hear that electronic handbrakes are more reliable than traditional, mechanical handbrakes. 

It’s very high-spec

Electronic handbrakes are a relatively new technology for many car manufacturers. They are however no new thing for luxury vehicle brands who first popularised the use of electronic handbrakes. 

Electronic handbrakes provide effortless ease that feels utterly luxurious, and you’ll get to enjoy this extra special touch throughout your hire period in one of our equipped vehicles.

It puts safety first

Electronic handbrakes are designed to be super safe, and this safety is upheld even when your electronic handbrake isn’t being utilised as a handbrake.

If your brakes fail, your electronic handbrake can provide the lifeline you need. Electronic handbrakes can be used as emergency brakes, and provide a safe and stable way to stop thanks to their intuitive body stability system. By tuning into your vehicle’s body stability system via its onboard computer, all four wheels can come to a stop safely. 

Using your handbrake as an emergency brake is a very different experience compared with the traditional, mechanical system. Pulling up a traditional handbrake suddenly is a sure-fire route to losing control of your vehicle as it brakes only the rear wheels.

It looks a lot better

As well as adding a safety boosting, simple, luxurious feature to your hire vehicle, the lack of a traditional handbrake will work wonders for the appearance of your interior.

Electronic handbrakes save tons of space, freeing up a large area in the central console for all-important storage.

Explore our range of electronic handbrake enhanced hire vehicles today and embrace this new technology in all its glory!