The Hidden Costs of Car Rental and How to Avoid Them

Calculating car rental chargesWhilst here at Collison Vehicle Rental we always aim to offer a transparent service whether you are renting a car or a van, we can’t say the same for other vehicle rental services. Unfortunately, there are a number of hidden charges that are associated with hiring a car, but if you are aware of the jargon you can ensure that they don’t form part of your car hire policy. Here we reveal the hidden extras that all too easily drive up the cost of hiring a car and offer expert advice on whether they are necessary and, if they’re not, how to avoid them.

The high price of car hire insurance excess

The majority of hire car insurance policies carry a greater excess than you may have experienced with personal cover – our standard cover protects you for almost every eventuality but does have an excess of £1,000 – lots of hire car services charge above and beyond the industry standard with excess charges being unreasonably high. In many cases, you could be charged an excess of £2,000, which would leave you painfully out of pocket should something not go to plan.

Besides looking elsewhere for a hire car with a lower excess charge, excess protection policies offer ultimate peace of mind for a small daily fee, often for as little as £3 to £4 per day. Excess protection policies work to reduce the excess fee or remove it completely, making it an additional cost that is worth footing the bill for.

Pre-purchasing fuel for holiday car hire

The full to empty tank policy is one that is regularly debated in the rental world, but it is also often a compulsory part of hiring a vehicle, particularly when overseas. Many full to empty fuel options provide petrol or diesel at an inflated price point which leaves you out of pocket before you even leave the forecourt. Bypassing the pre-purchase of fuel will leave more cash than you think to spend on enjoying your rental period, after all who has the time or the inclination to meticulously monitor fuel consumption and return the vehicle with a near empty tank?

Those unnecessary car hire extras

At Collison Vehicle Rental, our range of extras are designed to make life easier for our customers but we are clear about their cost and value for your particular requirements from the outset. From child car seats, additional driver insurance, sat navs, and vehicle delivery and collection, we have all you need but we leave the decision to buy entirely up to you. When hiring consider whether it may be more cost effective to bring your own or whether the convenience of buying from your hire company is a better option.

The charges that should be included in your car hire cost

Some hire companies tend to class essentials like insurance and breakdown cover as extras that you will be billed for on top of your rental cost but our policy is clear, and our quotation covers the cost of your rental as well as your insurance, breakdown cover and VAT. As part of your rental agreement you will also be asked to pay a deposit, which is £250 on most vehicles and £500 on premium models and minibuses, however this will be returned to you as soon as you return the vehicle in the condition that it left in.

Choosing a vehicle rental company that is transparent from the very beginning is an important part of ensuring you get what you pay for and don’t get sent the bill for the hidden charges mentioned above. Contact us today and discover a great range of rental vehicles for any occasion.