Electric Car Rental vs ICE Car Hire: Which Should You Choose?

Electric CarICE cars, more commonly known as petrol and diesel vehicles, have been the traditional hire of choice for as long as we can remember. As with any industry however, the automotive world has been undergoing something of a revolution with the electric-powered cars that were a pipedream of yesteryear now becoming more readily available. Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we pride ourselves on providing a vehicle for every occasion. From family run-arounds to special occasion cars, we deliver quality, comfort and convenience for every circumstance. Our range of hire vehicles is continuously growing, but with electric car makes and models coming onto the market more frequently, many will be thinking of deserting traditionally used petrol and diesel cars.

For those looking to take on longer trips in their rental – many of our customers hire with us to travel the UK or even further afield – making the choice between an ICE car or electric hybrid can be difficult. A recent study even found that electric cars are far more economical to own and run than the petrol or diesel cars found on UK roads. For all the advantages that can be harnessed through the use of an electric vehicle, there are just as many benefits that go hand-in-hand with the use of a petrol or diesel vehicle when travelling long distances. Read on to discover why for longer trips fuelled vehicles may be the better choice.

Your choice is limited with electric cars

With traditionally powered vehicles there is an endless choice of makes and models, meaning you can find the look, comfort and special features you require for the duration of your hire period rather easily. Whilst the electric vehicle market is going from strength to strength (the industry reported an 11% sales increase earlier this year), there is still limited choice available when compared with more widely available and manufactured petrol and diesel vehicles.

Most electric vehicles are smaller in size than petrol or diesel vehicle types. Many only have two seats, which means those travelling as families or groups will struggle to find an electric vehicle that’s suitably sized. Whatever you’re looking for from your hire vehicle, the limited choice available on the electric car market may mean compromising on some of the wants and needs on your list of hire priorities, requirements that are certain to be important when taking your family on a longer journey.

Electric cars can’t drive as far

One of the main drawbacks of electric vehicle ownership and hire has been the range offered by these eco-friendly alternatives. The number of electric vehicle charging points may have exploded – there were 13,000 public charging points at last count, that’s five times more than in 2011 – but the fear of ‘running out of juice’ midway through a long journey is still something that makes prospective electric car owners and hirers nervous.

Unlike petrol or diesel vehicles that have a large capacity to carry fuel, providing enough power to take on the longest of journeys, electric vehicles can only be charged to a smaller limit. The Ford Focus Electric and Nissan Leaf may have a generous range of 75 miles but having that extra assurance courtesy of a more traditionally fuelled and powered vehicle will put the minds of those taking on longer car journeys at ease.

Electric cars need recharging

It’s not just the range that’s a concern, recharge times are lengthier when compared with the quick and easy refuelling of a petrol or diesel-powered vehicle. Depending on the size of the battery and charging point speed, charging an electric car can take between 30 minutes and 12 hours, time that you’ll have to factor into your itinerary.

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