Car & Van Hire Excess Insurance – Is It Worth It?

vehicle excess insuranceObtaining the correct car insurance cover is integral to the safe, smart and most importantly legal operation of a vehicle, whether you are renting a car or driving a vehicle of your own. The majority of car insurance policies have excesses, which are payable when you claim on your insurance in the event of accidental damage, theft or an accident. When hiring a car, these excesses are likely to be even higher, but could car hire excess insurance be the answer?

What is car hire excess insurance?

Paying a higher excess is one way to keep the cost of your car insurance as low as possible, but when accidents do happen you may find yourself significantly out of pocket as a result. Your car insurance excess is a fixed amount of money that you have to pay when you claim. This excess amount is usually deducted off the claim value, so if you wish to claim £2,000 and have an excess of £500, you will only receive £1,500. This excess amount may be waived if another party or parties were deemed at fault for the incident.

Excess insurance is a policy that protects you from high excess payments, with the excess fee likely to be reduced or even waived completely as a result.

Why is excess insurance important during car and van hire?

Whilst our excess protection policy is offered as an optional extra, we regularly recommend it to our customers. Whether you are hiring one of our vehicles for a day or a longer period of time, staying put in the UK or venturing a little further afield, or hiring for work or leisure, excess protection insurance can provide the peace of mind you need.

We insure our vehicles on your behalf as standard and whilst our policy (known formally as Collision Damage Waiver or CDW) provides comprehensive cover for almost any eventuality, as with many rental companies, the excess is high. Our standard insurance comes with an excess of £1,000, and in the event of a claim, you will be liable to pay this £1,000 leaving our insurance providers to cover the remainder of the cost. Our car hire excess insurance is available at a small fee, which is charged daily throughout the term of your rental. By paying our excess protection fee, in the event of an accident, theft or accidental damage, you will pay a reduced or no excess. Our excess protection policy is unlike many offered by rental companies as even accidental damage to the windows, undercarriage and roof is covered.

Exploring additional protection and extras

It’s not just excess protection insurance that we provide to our customers for an additional fee. We pride ourselves on delivering the complete vehicle rental package, and whether you are hiring a van or car, you can improve your experience tenfold by choosing our extras. Car seats, insurance for additional drivers, sat navs, and our vehicle delivery and collection service are all available to our customers, whilst our team can also be called upon to liaise with the DVLA on your behalf to resolve any eligibility issues that you may encounter. There are a number of items that are included as standard with every Collison vehicle rental. Your rental quotation includes the cost of your rental vehicle, insurance, breakdown cover and VAT.

Looking to hire a vehicle for a trip to Europe? Our European travel ready vehicles, available at our location in Waterlooville near Portsmouth, are great options. As well as providing the cost of your rental vehicle, insurance, breakdown cover and VAT in one easy to understand quote, we also provide a continental kit containing all you need to drive to and throughout Europe legally.