Car Boot Space Comparison – A Quick Guide

When hiring a vehicle, for whatever reason, there are several factors that will help you make the all-important decision of which make and model is right for you. The size of the vehicle is of course one of the main factors to consider, but it’s not just the number of seats that will determine your choice.

The boot space available is a critical factor. Choose right and you hire a vehicle that suits the needs of you and any passengers that are coming along for the ride with you. Choose wrong, and you could be renting a car that is completely unsuitable for your requirements.

Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we specialise in providing hire vehicles for all occasions, that’s why we provide a huge range of vehicles for you to choose from. Our fleet includes economic run arounds, small cars, saloons, luxury cars, 4x4s, and vans, meaning you can find the size of vehicle you need. 

Our diverse collection boasts a range of boot capacities, but why should the boot size of your rental influence your decision? And how does each car make and model compare in the boot department? In our car boot space comparison guide we answer those key questions…

Why boot size matters

The size of your rental vehicle’s boot not only reflects the amount of storage space you’ll have available throughout your hire period. Boot space influences the wider driving experience and passenger comfort, which makes getting it right particularly important.

We offer lots of different options for storage space across our range of hire vehicles, whether you’re looking to use your hire vehicle to undertake everyday chores like food shopping, transport mobility equipment, move home or office, or accommodate holiday luggage for that long overdue staycation.

It’s not just the boot’s capacity that you need to consider when hiring a vehicle. The opening of the boot will also help to shortlist suitable car makes and models, so we’ve made sure to take this into our account for this car boot space comparison guide. 

Manufacturers measure and list boot sizes in litres, but this includes the often unusable nooks and crannies that are part of every car boot. As a rule of thumb however, the bigger the boot and the hatchback opening, the easier it will be to load and store the items that you need to transport.

How our car boots compare

It’s obvious to say that the boots of our saloons will be much more storage-friendly than the boots found in our smaller cars and runarounds, but remember, appearances can be deceiving. Take a selection of our most popular models as an example. Our Renault Clio, Peugeot 207 and Ford Focus models may look similar in size and spec, yet the boot space available differs dramatically. 

The boot size of the Renault Clio is 254 litres whilst the Peugeot 207 boasts 270 litres. The Peugeot’s boot space can be made even bigger thanks to its easy fold flat rear seats. The Ford Focus is the real winner out of the three models however, with a boot capacity of 375 litres (316 litres in older 2011 to 2018 models). Being one of the longest cars in the Ford class unlocks further perks, with the folding down of the back row of seats unlocking up to 1,354 litres of storage space in total.

Those looking for a family-friendly hire with plenty of boot space may want to consider upgrading to one of our saloons. The Hyundai i40 is an attractive looking and practical hire option that boasts 505 litres of boot space along with great economy and some fabulous extras (including multifunction steering wheel, heated electric door mirrors, automatic lights and air conditioning) to make your drive even more comfortable. 

The models in our 4×4 and SUV ranges have yet more boot capacity to play with. Their practical cabins and raised ride height tend to make the boots more useable and easier to load too.

Choosing the right car boot for you

The easiest way to find the right boot capacity for you is by first determining how much space you really need. This will come down to the reason you’re hiring, with those looking to use the vehicle for the school run or daily commute needing far less boot space than those hiring a car to get them to their holiday destination. 

Once you’ve determined your storage needs, you can work with our team to pinpoint the right vehicle make and model for you. You can even view potential hire vehicles to ensure they suit your requirements. 

When viewing note not just the space available but the shape of the boot. Boots are far from uniform, and this can influence just how useable the space is. Do the sides of the boot slope inwards restricting the space available? Or perhaps the vehicle has a sloping tailgate that could improve the boot’s use?

The opening of the boot should also be a consideration. Look for an easy to load boot and don’t forget to ask about whether the back seats fold down to unlock yet more prime storage space.

We hope you’ve found our car boot space comparison guide useful in making a decision about the best car for your needs. Browse our range of hire vehicles today or get in touch to discuss your vehicle rental and boot capacity requirements.