Can you drive a Luton van on a normal licence?

Large vans are great options for moving home or office, as well as for customers looking to move goods to exhibitions, conferences and other events. With lots of space available, our extra-long wheel base or Luton sized vans make moving large volumes of items easy, with fewer trips needed to transport your belongings or business equipment and furniture from A to B. 

At Collison Vehicle Rental, we stock a wide range of large vans for hire. Thanks to their 3,500kg weight category they provide all the space you need plus a selection of modern conveniences to make the driving experience a whole lot more comfortable. Our Luton sized vans are particularly convenient with their electric tail-lifts making loading and unloading simple and hassle-free. 

Those new to large vans may be a little tentative about hiring and operating a vehicle of this size. But contrary to popular belief, Luton vans and other 3.5 tonne models are excellent fits for most drivers. Here we explore the legalities of hiring and driving a Luton van, and what licence categories or additional driving qualifications you need to operate vans of this size and weight.

Luton van
A Luton Van

Can I drive a Luton van?

Yes, by law, you can drive any van (including a Luton sized van) weighing up to 3.5 tonnes on a standard driving licence. You do not need any additional driving qualifications and licence categories to operate a Luton van.

You only require additional categories and qualifications if you intend to drive a vehicle that weighs between 3.5 tonnes and 7.5 tonnes if you passed your driving test after 1st January 1997. If you passed your driving test before this date, you will have been automatically awarded acquired rights to categories C1, D1 and B+E. This entitles you to drive a vehicle up to 7.5 tonnes, tow a trailer of up to 750kg, drive a minibus up to 16 seats (with or without a trailer), and drive a car towing any trailer.

To confirm which categories you are qualified for, simply refer to the back of your driving licence. You can view your driving licence information by using GOV.UK’s online service too. 

Can I tow a trailer too?

The rules regarding the towing of trailers differ depending on when you passed your driving test. As we mentioned, drivers who passed before 1st January 1997 can legally tow a trailer of up to 750kg, drive a minibus with a trailer, and drive a car with any trailer, but what if you passed your test after this date?

If your driving licence was issued on or after 1st January 1997, you can tow a trailer of up to 750kg maximum authorised mass (MAM). This maximum authorised mass refers to how much a vehicle can weigh once loaded. You can tow a trailer above this weight as long as the towing vehicle and the trailer have a combined weight of no more than 3,500kg.

If you do want to tow either a heavier vehicle or heavier trailer, you will have to apply for a provisional licence for category C1+E, pass a lorry theory test and pass a C1+E driving test. 

Are there any other restrictions?

Those looking to hire a large Luton van need look no further than Collison Vehicle Rental. We hire to drivers aged between 21 and 75 who hold a full, clean UK driving licence. Customers aged 75 or over, and those with a non-UK licence may still be able to hire from us but additional information will be required to arrange suitable insurance cover and confirm the hire. 

All drivers must have held their licence for at least two years, and those who passed their test after 1997 will need category C added to their licence to hire and drive one of our larger minibuses. 

Our rental quotation covers all you need to hire your van, including the rental cost, insurance, breakdown cover and VAT. As insurance is included, every customer will have to provide further details on any previously declined or cancelled insurance policies; any physical or mental infirmity that may affect your driving ability; any motoring accidents in the last three years; and any current or pending motoring offences or convictions before we can hire to you.

Now that we’re all clued up on the legalities of van hire, what are you waiting for! Hire a van with us today and discover a huge range of high quality hire vehicles at the most affordable prices. Reserve your van rental online or contact us direct for further information.