Can I Take My Rental Car to Europe?

Rental car in EuropeRenting a car to get to a holiday destination, either in the UK or a little further afield, is still one of the main reasons why people choose to hire rather than purchase a vehicle of their own. As well as not having to foot the bills for expensive running costs, many individuals have no need to own a vehicle, particularly those living in areas where public transport provides the preferred mode of travel.  Other people choose to hire a vehicle for holiday travel rather than use their own car as they may prefer more space or comfort while on holiday.  

Like any agreement however, hiring a vehicle to get you to your destination of choice and back again can spark a variety of questions. Luckily we’re here to answer them, starting with the number one question on many hirers’ lists – can I take my rental car abroad, and more specifically to Europe?

Why take a vehicle abroad?

Europe offers a plethora of holiday destinations for people from all walks of life. With a short hop over the channel, you and your family can enjoy destinations in countries like France, Belgium, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Germany, to name a few.

In addition to completing an otherwise stressful journey in comfort and avoiding the chaos that often comes with train and plane travel, taking a vehicle abroad can mean a more enjoyable holiday all round with you and your family able to see more of the country you are travelling to as well as those along the way. Even if you own your own car, hiring a car to holiday in means you can have extra peace of mind as you won’t have to put your personal vehicle under pressure. If you own an older model, hiring a newer car from a rental company could also mean you unlock better mileage making for a more affordable trip all round.

Am I allowed to take a rental car outside of the UK?

Being open about your plans for your rental vehicle with the company you are hiring from is an essential part of being able to take your hire car outside of the UK. You will need paperwork and additional cover to ensure you can safely and legally drive in Europe, which can be arranged on your behalf. It is advisable that you allow at least five working days to obtain this certification, however, there have been cases where we’ve been able to arrange all the necessary paperwork for driving abroad with less than two hours’ notice!

All we need to know is the dates and times of your travel, the number of people in your party and the countries you will be driving through to get you on the road and on the way to your holiday destination.  Talk to us about taking your rental car abroad and then we will look forward to hearing all about your holiday adventures when you return!