Can You Take a Rental Car Off Road? – And Other Odd Car Hire Questions, Answered

Off road carAs a leading vehicle rental company, we pride ourselves on providing vehicles for all occasions. From renting out a vehicle for business purposes to hiring a van for your house move, we can help. Whatever your requirements, our experienced and helpful team is here to help you with hiring the rental car that best suits your needs and your budget. They’re here for you every of the way, from enquiry to aftercare. No enquiry is too silly or too small. With this in mind however, we’ve heard some rather odd questions over the years! Here we answer just some of the strange enquiries we’ve encountered.

Can I take my rental car off-road?

As avid car enthusiasts, we love motorsports and hobbies of all types. That being said we’d rather you not use the vehicle you rent from us to drive off-road, even if you’ve hired one of our 4X4s or SUVs. Driving off-road may be fun but it’s also dangerous. Taking a short and seemingly safe cross country route could end in disaster, which could put you and your passengers at great risk.

Off-road driving can also invalidate your car hire insurance, leaving you with a very big, very nasty and very expensive bill. All Collison Vehicle Rental customers should not drive off-road in any vehicle type. The Collision Damage Waiver (CDW) insurance that comes as standard as part of your quotation and covers you for the duration of the hire will be deemed null and void leaving you fully responsible for any damage to or loss of the vehicle.

Can I hire a car without a full driving licence?

To hire a vehicle from us or any other rental company, you must be a fully qualified driver. Before driving a vehicle off our forecourt you will need to present four forms of identification. The first is a full driving licence. You must also provide another form of photo ID, either a passport or employment card. Proof of address is required so bring along a recent utility bill or bank statement. Your National Insurance number is the fourth and final form of ID required.

As of 2015, we have to check your driving endorsement online. This is a simple check that requires your driving licence number and National Insurance number. A case sensitive code is then generated. This unique code must be presented before you can hire a vehicle from us. Please note, we can only use this code once so make sure you have all the identification detailed above available to you.

Can I rent a vehicle without paying a deposit?

You must leave a deposit for your hire vehicle. Deposits depend on the type of vehicle you wish to hire. Standard cars generally require a £250 deposit whilst larger vehicles (i.e. minibuses, vans or more prestigious car makes and models) require a £500 deposit. This deposit is held throughout the duration of your hire and is refunded to you once the vehicle has been returned.

If the vehicle is returned damaged and requires repair any excess will be taken from this deposit. If the vehicle requires additional refuelling upon return, this associated cost will also be deducted. Your deposit can be paid by debit or credit card, and should clear in your account 2 to 3 days after the vehicle’s return.

Ask us anything about car hire

Here at Collison Vehicle Rental in Waterlooville, we welcome all questions. If you have a query about the rental process or have seen a vehicle you’d like to hire on our website, please don’t hesitate to contact our team.