Best Long Distance Car Rental Options

With the government now recommending private car travel over the use of public transport and car shares to minimise the risk of Covid-19 transmission, hiring a vehicle for that daily commute isn’t just a convenient idea but a safer option. According to this survey, commuting by car has almost doubled in recent months as motorists look to avoid using public transport on that commute to work.

With car hire, your daily commute won’t mean sharing the journey with countless other commuters. Instead you’ll enjoy time in your very own private space and be all the more comfortable for it, even when driving in heavy traffic. As well as satisfying your comfort requirements, hiring the right vehicle for your long commute or drive means choosing a make and model that’s economical. Your chosen hire car should also deliver on performance and reduce emissions to ensure a ride that’s great for you and the planet!

At Collison Vehicle Rental, we specialise in providing the right vehicle makes and models for every occasion, and this includes for taking on those long drives. Our experts can match you with the right vehicle for your requirements, leaving you to enjoy your time behind the wheel wholeheartedly. In this blog post, we reveal the best vehicles to hire for a long drive, whether you’re commuting to work or heading off for a much-needed staycation.

Ford Fiesta

Sporting a clean, trendy design, commuters and long distance drivers can certainly get from A to B in style. With autumn here and winter swiftly on its way, the Fiesta’s Quickclear heated windscreen function will certainly come in handy, safely defrosting icy windscreens in lightning speed on cold, winter mornings.

Cruise control is another feature incorporated in most Ford Fiesta models, and it’s an added perk that will make those repetitive and mundane motorway journeys a breeze. Those looking to car share may want to go for a larger model as the Fiesta can feel a little cosy with more than 2 adults despite its five seats and five doors.

Hyundai i30

Long distance drivers need look no further than the Hyundai i30. This great model makes long distance driving easy, enjoyable and completely cost effective. For those looking to find that perfect work-life balance, the i30 is the ideal ride for you. Its spacious interior, good fuel economy, and stylish appearance means it’s great for the family and your daily commute.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is a classic family car that’s a great choice for journeys long and short, and there’s a reason why there’s some 16 million Ford Focuses on the road around the world. 

This popular hatchback is small but perfectly formed. It is surprisingly spacious providing plenty of room for up to 4 passengers. Team this with great steering, smooth suspension and a highly efficient engine, and journeys are comfortable, convenient and economical. Families travelling long distance for a holiday won’t be disappointed by the boot space on offer either. Those travelling solo or as a couple can gain even more room for luggage thanks to the Focus’ split folding rear seats. 

Ford Mondeo

The Ford Mondeo has come a long way since the 1990s when it first reached the height of popularity. It’s still a great choice for driving long distances, and gives you all you need to comfortably navigate motorways, towns and country roads. The boot space available in a Ford Mondeo is also excellent, and doesn’t take away from the spacious and comfortable interior.

Planning to hit the road to travel to a staycation destination? A Ford Mondeo is a fantastic fit for those looking to drive long distance with all the family in tow. It provides a comfortable ride and plenty of room for 4 to 5 people as well as space in the boot for all those holiday essentials.

With air conditioning, electric windows, Bluetooth, Sat Nav and cruise control available as standard with most models, our Ford Mondeo range guarantees a comfortable and entertaining journey whether you’re travelling alone to the office or with the whole family.

Mercedes E-Class

There’s no better way to travel long distance than in complete luxury, and things don’t get more luxurious than the Mercedes E-Class. Commuters looking to exude sophistication can do so easily when hiring a vehicle from our E-Class range. You’ll also enjoy comfort, style, the latest technology, cruise control and heated seats making that long drive less of a chore and more of a pleasure.

Hire a car for a long drive today!

All the great vehicles detailed above are available to hire from us, so look no further than Collison Vehicle Rental if you’re looking to hire a long distance car at the most affordable price-point. You can browse our full range of hire vehicles here or contact us for further information. Alternatively, you can request a callback from our friendly and helpful team.