Benefits of a Corporate Car Rental Account

Collison Corporate AccountWhen it comes to running your business and presenting your products or services to your own customers, only the best practices will do. Corporate rentals offer an easy, affordable and flexible alternative to investing in your own fleet, particularly if you are a start-up business or a company who needs a number of vehicles to represent their brand. Company cars are also a very popular employee benefit, making them an even more essential part of your business.

As a leading provider of corporate accounts, we pride ourselves on our transparent, business focused and tailor-made car hire options, just some of the qualities that make us the first choice for corporate customers across Waterlooville, Havant, Portsmouth and beyond. Read on to discover the benefits of a rental car corporate account, and how opening a corporate account with us could be advantageous to not just you as a business owner but your customers.

Drive corporate cars that would be out of your price range

Hiring a car through your corporate account opens up a whole world of possibilities, especially when it comes to improving your corporate image and putting your best face forward to customers, potential clients and shareholders. Hiring a corporate car means that often you can drive a vehicle that would otherwise be outside of your budget. We offer a great range of corporate vehicles, from small run-arounds to large estates, that are designed to look the part at affordable price points.

Our corporate car specialists work with you one-on-one to understand your hire needs and present a tariff that suits your budget.

Enjoy lower monthly payments

The cost of buying a car to add to your fleet isn’t just high, business owners have to foot the bill for monthly running costs, which can go into their thousands if you have a large fleet of vehicles in tow, or one or more vehicles in your fleet require maintenance or emergency repair. In the UK, the cost of running a car of your own is between £1,556 per year for a small vehicle with low mileage and £4,471 for a larger car with higher mileage. Hiring instead of buying can often present lower monthly payments in comparison to a conventional vehicle purchase, leaving you with more money to run your business.

You’ll have lower maintenance costs too

It’s not just your monthly hire tariff that will see you save money, the cost of unavoidable expenses like maintenance are also much lower when you hire a corporate car. Like all of our hire cars and vans, our corporate vehicles are expertly maintained, meaning you can enjoy a driving experience similar to that of a new car.

Keep the whole experience hassle free

With a corporate car hire, you don’t have to scour the country in search of a quality car that will suit your company needs or review the condition of a second hand vehicle without the help of a professional. You can find the highest quality vehicles all in one place and call on our expert team for assistance every step of the way. Our team make it their mission to pinpoint the vehicle make and model that works for your business and your budget in a time frame to suit you. Our tariffs are also based on your individual business requirements. At Collison Vehicle Rental, we understand that one size doesn’t fit all, and establish a tariff accordingly. We also deliver a range of helpful extras, including vehicle drop off at your business premises or home address.

Like the look of the corporate car hire benefits mentioned in this article? Discuss your hire needs with our team today.