5 Car Rental Myths You Need to Know About

Loch Ness MonsterIdeal for the travelling business person looking to make a great impression, a savvy first dater wishing to do the same or a road tripper wanting to avoid adding to the mileage of their own personal car, renting a car from an approved provider is the perfect solution for many drivers from all walks of life, but how come some individuals leave the forecourt feeling ripped off?

There are many scams that stem from rented vehicles but knowing how to spot them will mean the difference between being left out of pocket and embracing car rental as the convenient and cost effective experience that it ought to be.

You don’t have the right to inspect the hire vehicle

Inspecting the condition of the vehicle IS your right as a rental customer. Keep the exchange open and honest by taking a closer look and making a note of any bumps, blemishes or other issues before you drive off into the sunset.

Paying for prepaid fuel is the only affordable rental option

Many rental companies offer a selection of fuel options but is the prepaid fuel package really all it’s cracked up to be? In a word – no! Opting for the prepaid option actually leaves the majority of renters running on empty money-wise. Policies of this nature can add a significant premium to your rental agreement with full-to-empty packages offering tanks of fuel for your convenience at an inflated price point.

You HAVE to take out insurance with the car hire company

You are not obliged to take out insurance with the company you are hiring from, in fact, here at Collison Vehicle Rental no additional protection is needed as part of our rental agreement. All rentals come with our standard insurance, the Collision Damage Waiver (CDW), whilst excess protection policies are also available for extra peace of mind.

You can’t hire a vehicle if you don’t have a UK driving licence

For non-UK licence holders it is possible to hire a vehicle. Our team can arrange appropriate insurance cover for you, however, additional information is required when finalising the car rental.

You can’t take your rental car abroad

We provide vehicle rental for every occasion including trips outside of the UK. Our range of European travel ready vehicles is particularly extensive with renters fully insured, taxed and covered for a trip to or through EU countries.

One thing you can believe in…

If you hire a car or van at Collison Vehicle Rental, you’ll be driving one of the best rental vehicles around. Take a look now at our full range of vehicles for hire in Waterlooville and reserve online today!