What Can Help to Maximise Fuel Economy?

Fuel Efficiency Collison Vehicle RentalThe cost of fuel is a highly emotive subject for many vehicle owners, and as household budgets get stretched to the limit, the need to tighten those purse strings becomes even more important. Whilst fuel prices have taken a dip in recent months, the prices at the pump are slowly creeping up, and many drivers, particularly those looking to rent a vehicle for a short or long period, are keen to know more about how they can effectively minimise the amount of money spent on petrol.

Here we reveal just four ways that you can maximise your rental vehicle’s fuel efficiency so you can save money, reduce energy usage and even help the environment too thanks to lower CO2 emissions and pollution.

1. Invest in the best vehicle

Renting a brand new vehicle is the first step to keeping fuel costs as low as possible. All rental vehicles provided by Collison are modern makes and models with excellent service histories, you can even upgrade your ride if you are looking to impress in the style stakes as well as embrace great fuel economy.

2. Plan ahead for a smoother drive

Planning ahead before both long and short journeys is a tried and tested way of improving the fuel efficiency of your rental. If you are about to make an unfamiliar journey, make sure you know your route inside out, even if you do have a sat nav at your disposal, to reduce the risk of getting lost and wasting fuel. Before you set out, check the latest traffic reports, a good flow of traffic not only improves road safety but also helps to reduce the need for hard deceleration thus saving fuel!

3. Fine-tune your driving habits

How you drive can make all the difference to how much fuel you use, a smooth drive is after all a fuel efficient one. Avoid hard deceleration, try to keep moving and read the road to limit the need for unnecessary braking. Try not to use your air conditioning system as whilst it is advisable to use your air-con on hot days for high speed driving, at low speeds its use actually increases fuel consumption.

4. Make vehicle maintenance a priority

A well maintained vehicle is renowned for using less fuel, and by undertaking regular servicing, engine oil examinations and tyre pressure checks, particularly before long journeys, you can take an eco-friendly approach to fuel consumption. By hiring a vehicle with Collison, you can harness hassle-free driving at its most affordable, and as well as being brand new, all our vehicles are carefully maintained.

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