Staycation Car Hire – the Benefits of a Rental Car for UK Holidays

The growth of interest we have seen in staycation car hire options is no surprise. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken travel off the menu for most, with many people either not confident enough to travel abroad or not wanting to deal with the red tape associated with venturing overseas.

More and more quarantine restrictions are being implemented across various destinations in light of rising coronavirus infection rates. Spain, France, Croatia, the US, most of Central and South America, and Sweden are just some of the destinations that require two-week quarantine on return. As the days go by, many more countries are being added as ‘air bridges’ are removed for safety reasons by the government.

With these measures however comes some good news… The great British staycation has been incredibly popular this year, with those not wanting to travel abroad looking to discover the great travel destinations available on home turf.

Here at Collison Vehicle Rental, we’ve always championed staycations. That’s why we’re dedicated this blog post to uncovering some of the many reasons to say “yes” to a staycation this year and “no” to plane travel.

Reasons to staycation in the UK this year

Staycations have always been the first choice for many Britons, but with the Covid-19 pandemic causing concerns for the usual overseas travellers, staycations have never been so popular.

By holidaying on home turf, you don’t have to face the travel restrictions and quarantine periods enforced by the government for overseas travel. The familiarity of holidaying at home also means many individuals are more confident that they can keep their families and wider communities safe.

The process of travelling to and from your destination is simpler and more stress free with a staycation. There’s no long waits at the airport or confinement with members outside your household for long periods of time when exploring a destination closer to home. You simply have to hop into your car with your luggage and head off. In addition to this, the logistics of staycations are easier to plan for, with less stress organising travel and more time enjoying your chosen destination.

Staycations are also more affordable than travelling overseas. The cost of travel, food and accommodation is generally cheaper, although the rise of staycations has seen price hikes throughout the industry. If you have furry friends in the family, there’s more savings to be had. Most UK accommodation is pet friendly, which means you don’t have to foot the bill for boarding.

More perks for you, the planet and the community

Staycations are great for the planet too. By avoiding air travel, you’re actively reducing your carbon footprint. There’s also more opportunities to choose eco-friendlier modes of transport, like cycling and walking, when holidaying in the UK.

By choosing a staycation, you’re not only paving the way for great memories for you and your family. You’re doing your bit to support the UK economy and the communities where tourism is imperative. During your staycation, you’ll shop local, eat out, enjoy home-grown attractions and stay in local accommodation for instance.

Top tips for enjoying the best staycation

Preparing for a staycation is much easier than the planning that goes into jetting off to some far-flung destination. To keep stress to a minimum, be sure to plan ahead. Plan your journey, schedule in breaks if you intend to be on the road for a long time, pack refreshments and entertainment for your trip, book must-do activities and attractions in advance, and research your destination to devise a rough itinerary to really make the most of holidaying at home.

Hiring a car is another great idea, whether you don’t own your own vehicle or your current car is a little cramped.

Why hiring a staycation car is a great idea

A rental vehicle has all you need for the perfect road trip, whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple or with the whole family in tow.

By hiring a vehicle from us, you can discover the perfect car for your staycation at the most affordable price. Our team will work with you to ensure you have the right make and model for the number of passengers in your party, your luggage necessities and the comfort requirements of all those who are travelling with you.

You can match your hire vehicle with the type of driving you’ll do to, from and during your staycation. Worried that your passengers will get bored on the long journey ahead? Our staycation hire cars come with all the latest modern conveniences to ensure a safe, happy and entertaining journey. Optional extras such as children’s car seats, booster seats and satellite navigation systems can also be hired at extra cost to ensure your trip goes swimmingly.

Discover more about how we can help you enjoy a great staycation right here in the UK by contacting our team. You can also browse our range of hire vehicles and request a free, no obligation quote online.